Students’ solar house is the only UK entry in a global eco competition

Credit: EN4 News

A fully sustainable house will be built by Heriot-Watt students as they take part in the Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME) and World Expo 2020.

A test house will be constructed in Edinburgh over the next few months, and the final version will be set up in Dubai to compete later in the year.

The digital lead of Team Esteem, Cameron Wishart, who oversees the house’s software and electronics, spoke to EN4 News how the prototype will work: “Team Esteem is essentially building a living, breathing house that works exclusively on solar power and is completely sustainable, using a collection of mechanical and digital components.”

Concept art for the solar house (Credit: Team Esteem)

Wishart went on to say how the team feels about solely representing the UK.

“We are representing our country and if no one else is, and we win, we get the claim of saying we won the world championship of something for Britain which is pretty cool.”

Scott Calder, sponsorship lead, told EN4 News how he was feeling ahead of the competition and his hopes for the project’s future.

“I feel really proud,” he said, “The idea is that the effort, time and money into the project isn’t wasted after a year and it’s something that can carry on going. We are just really excited.”

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