Walking your way to wisdom

This morning, walkers explored Edinburgh streets in the hopes of finding answers to their meaningful questions.

The event was hosted by a social-enterprise called Street Wisdom as part of this year’s Fire Starter Festival. Street Wisdom are known for their mind-opening walking events which are held all over the world.

Participants of the Street Wisdom Walk have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and step out of their comfort zone in a three-hour exploration of Edinburgh’s streets. Despite sounding rather complex, the general idea of a Street Wisdom Walk is really quite simple.

Mark Brown, COO of Street Wisdom

Mark Brown, the COO of Smart Wisdom spoke to EN4 News about what to expect during a Street Wisdom Walk,

“First of all, each person must choose a question they would like some fresh thinking on. The question could be personal or work-related. The experience then takes place over 3 hours and is made of three steps of equal length.”

According to Mark, the three stages of a Street Wisdom Walk are as follows:

Step 1: Tune up your senses

Group members are guided through a series of short exercises that are designed to allow them to tune into themselves and the world around them.

Step 2: Look for answers

Each person will set off on their own quest in search of insights, ideas, and inspiration. By paying attention to the signs, signals, clues, and invitations received from the streets, they will hopefully be able to answer their question.

Step 3: Gather and share

The group then gather together and share their experience by reflecting on what happened, what they learned and how they might apply the insights and ideas they have gained back to their original question.

A group of Street Wisdom walkers

“It’s a combination of mindfulness and psychology – participants have space and time to slow down, switch off from distractions and switch on their creative, problem-solving skills. The results can be profound, providing deep insights and innovative solutions.”

Each walk is run by volunteers and is completely free of charge. However, due to a high level of interest, it is important to sign up quickly for a Street Wisdom Walk as spaces are limited and there is a very long waiting list.

If you would like to learn more about Street Wisdom or to discover the nearest walk happening near you, please visit here.

Credit for all photographs: Street Wisdom

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