A Completely Normal Comedy Night

The Edinburgh Revue is hosting a comedy event tonight fronted entirely by female acts in honour of Women’s History Month.

Hosted at the Bedlam Theatre and organised by Edinburgh University Student Alliance, ‘A Completely Normal Comedy Night’ is described as a celebration of Edinburgh’s best and brightest female and non-binary comedians, in aid of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre and Scottish Women’s Aid.

Some of the performers rehearse their act
(Photo credit: EN4News)

The show has no male input or organisation whatsoever, with Creative Director of the event, Amy Yeo, explaining that “the point of it isn’t to be weird. Women in comedy isn’t meant to be an anomaly, it’s just meant to be normal and for decades, lineups have been entirely men.”

The number of male comedians far outnumbers female, with the website Chortle having 2,119 registered comedians, and only 347, a meagre 16%, are listed as identifying as female.

Tonight’s event will be headlined by Amy Matthews, winner of the Scottish Comedy Awards’ Best Newcomer in 2019, as well as being featured on the BBC’s ‘The Comedy Underground’.

Amy Yeo, Creative Director (Photo credit: EN4News)

It will feature a whole host of female and non-binary comedians, including sketch work from Alice Roberts.

A Completely Normal Comedy Night‘ is set to “smash through comedy’s glass ceiling and end sexism forever in a single hilarious night”.

The gig is primarily aimed at the ladies, but “lads are welcome to come along too”.

“You need something to spend that extra 30% wage on,” Yeo joked.

Tickets are £6, and can be purchased from the EUSA website.

Doors are at 7:30pm.

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