City Art Centre celebrates history of female artists

A lecture on the history of women artists in Edinburgh was held yesterday afternoon at the City Art Centre in the lead-up to International Women’s Day.

Breaching the Glass Ceiling: Women Artists and Professionalism, part of a series of talks discussing female artists, shed light on the status of women artists in the late nineteenth century, their struggle to study their craft and their hope to be recognised as professionals.

Dr Joanna Soden, a Scottish Art specialist and speaker of the event, spoke to EN4 News about the importance of discussing female art:

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity doing such an event and being part of it. Women’s History Month is a continuation of the themes I was talking about through my talk which is about taking whatever opportunity you can and running with it. I think the higher the profile these women have is proof that they can have successful careers worth celebrating.”

The lecture discussed various female Edinburgh artists including Amelia Hill, the main female contributor to the statues seen on the Scott Monument and Mary Rose Hill Burton, a founding member of the Edinburgh Lady Artists’ Club.

Learning and programmes manager Margaret Findlay, who introduced the event, spoke about the success of this series of lectures thus far:

“I think talks like this are really important because art history is quite male dominated so its very important to highlight all the fantastic female artists there have been. This series of lectures we have had in the lead-up to International [Women’s Day] have been phenomenally successful, so that shows that there is an appetite for it.”

The lecture series will conclude this weekend with a talk on the works of artist Mary Cameron on Sunday, complementing the exhibition of her work currently on display.

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