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Liverpool triumph in Salzburg thriller, Spurs humiliated – Champions League Podcast

Liverpool came out on top in a Champions League classic at home to Red Bull Salzburg, after blowing a 3-0 lead at Anfield, then going back in front in a 4-3 win.

Tottenham Hotspur had vastly different luck, losing seven goals at home for the first time in their history to lose 7-2 at the hands of Bayern Munich.

Gregor Kerr, Adam Mackintosh and Grant Barnes picked the bones from the midweek action.


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French police employee kills four officers in Paris attack

A French police employee has killed four officers inside the French police headquarters in central Paris, a French police union official has said.

Union official Loic Travers confirmed that the attacker was a French police administrator and was shot dead at the scene, as reported by the Press Association.

Travers said that the attacker’s motives are unknown.

The French police headquarters are located in central Paris, on the île de la Cité, and is close to Notre Dame Cathedral. The area has been sealed off to the public, according to French media reports.

The attack reportedly took place shortly after 1 p.m. local time on Thursday afternoon. French President Emmanuel Macron French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and Interior Minister Christophe Castaner have since arrived at the scene.

Scotland set to become first country in UK to ban smacking

By Heather Miller and Caitlin Gallagher

Scotland is set to become the first country in the UK to make it illegal for parents to punish their children with physical force.

Parents within Scotland are currently allowed to use “rational” physical force to discipline their children. The Scottish Parliament is holding a vote this afternoon regarding the ban on all physical punishment which is predicted to have large support in giving children the same level of protection from assault as adults.

If the bill is passed, Scotland will become the 58th country to introduce the legislation to parliament.

Green Party MSP, John Finnie, proposal leader of the Equal Protection Bill had this to say ahead of the debate this afternoon:

“Today the Scottish Parliament has the opportunity to pass vital legislation to protect children.

“It’s staggering that the only people not afforded legal protection from assault are our smallest and most vulnerable citizens and now is the time to change that.

“This Bill will take Scotland into line with international best practice, other countries have recognised that physical punishment has no place in the 21st century and it’s time we did too.

“This evening we take an important step towards putting an end to it for good.”

Conservative MSP Miles Briggs disapproves of the ‘Smacking Bill’, stating:

“The Scottish Conservatives believe that we should not replace good law with bad law. The current law already protects children from violence and it works well.

“It allows “reasonable chastisement” from parents, while preventing assault and disproportionate punishment of children.

“ The reality is that a majority of Scottish people are against this Bill as it would criminalise loving parents.”

Currently in England and Wales parents can face charges if children are left with marks or injury. However, Wales are close to following Irelands legislation that was passed in 2015.

‘The Big Yin’ – 250,000 marchers estimated to storm Edinburgh for last independence march of 2019, organisers claim

By James Hart and Lewis Robertson

From a crowd of 300 people in 2015 to an estimated 250,000 people due to march in Edinburgh this Saturday it is evident that the case for Scottish independence is not ready to go away.

Final preparations for the latest pro-independence rally set to hit the streets of Edinburgh, this Saturday, are underway, with event organizers ‘All Under One Banner’ (AUOB) estimating 250,000 to attend the march – doubling last year’s numbers.

AUOB was founded on the 12 October 2014 and have organized many events across the country to show solidarity and campaign for a second referendum.

Police Scotland and Edinburgh City Council claimed that there were only around 20,000 supporters at last year’s rally. However, event organizers stated that the real estimate was far higher, at over 100,000.

SNP councilor group leader for Inverclyde Christopher McEleny, West has been invited to speak at the event. McEleny has spoken at various pro-independence events and says that he is really looking forward to “standing shoulder to shoulder with people across Scotland” and hopes that the demonstration will ensure Scotland’s voice is heard.

Speaking to EN4 news McEleny said: “The Scottish Government has a mandate for an independence referendum, everyone marching supports our right to be given a choice on the future we want, whereas we have a feckless Franco in number 10 Downing Street who doesn’t want to give the people of Scotland a choice.”

Marchers from the last year’s event in Edinburgh

AUOB founder and Saturdays march organizer Neil Mackay said in an interview with EN4 News this was the 21st march that the group had coordinated and spoke highly of bringing the event back to Edinburgh, saying that Edinburgh would be a ‘beautiful’ place to conduct the latest march.

The march comes at a time when the independence movement has suffered a major blow after an Independence poll found that the majority of Scots will vote to remain part of the United Kingdom. The poll found 59% of Scottish people would vote to remain part of the union and the question posed to voters was ‘Should Scotland remain in the United Kingdom or leave the United Kingdom?’

Speaking on the case of independence Mr. Mackay said: ‘I think it’s becoming a lot less subversive an idea Scotland getting independence, a lot less contentious’. He later added that he believes that an independence referendum ‘is a referendum that will bring Scotland together’.

When asked if he believed that another referendum would further fragment Scotland’s political climate, Mr. Mackay said that ‘everyone is divided anyway on well, you name it!’ and dismissed the notion that a referendum would add to more division.

When questioned on what this march meant, Mr. Mackay said: ‘ It’s a clear sign to Westminster Parliment  that Scottish people want independence’.

Various public figures will be speaking at the event on Saturday such as comedian Jane Godley, controversial political figure Tommy Sheridan, and Charlotte Ahmed the founding member of stand up to racism and unite against fascism in Scotland.

The response on social media to the March has been mainly positive with one Twitter user saying: ‘ On Saturday I will be so proud to marc. I will be marching for a fairer more equal future for my children and grandchildren. Join us and share the love.’

A Twitter user reacts to the news of the Independence march this Saturday

One Facebook user added ‘I wish I could join you all but I’ll not be in Scotland until the 26th. I’ll be watching though. So will the rest of the world. The message will be very clear. It’s time!’


More social media reaction, this time from FacebookThe march will mean yet more road closures for the Edinburgh’s busy streets. The city has been affected by recent closures and diversions with filming of ‘Fast and the Furious 9’ taking place as well as ‘Eurovision’, starring Will Ferrell.

Closures will take place between 12.30 and 6.30. Roads affected include Queen’s drive, George IV Bridge and the High Street with traffic on North and South Bridge held by Police.

A City of Edinburgh Council spokesperson said “The safety of the public is of utmost importance to the Council and we have worked closely with organizers, Police Scotland and other partners to agree a route and conditions for this march which aim to ensure its smooth passage through the city.”

Edinburgh news round up: Deaf children facing ‘crisis’ after further education cuts

Deaf children in Scotland are facing a crisis as the number of specialist teachers has been cut by a third in the last eight years.

The Consortium for Research into Deaf Education and the National Deaf Children’s Society has revealed cuts of 29% since 2011. It also states that 30% of the remaining teachers do not have the qualifications to support the pupils or their families.

There are 3,300 deaf children in Scotland with only 154 full-time specialist teachers, down from 218 in 2011.



Scotland’s Minister for Energy Paul Wheelhouse this afternoon made a statement to MSPs addressing an ‘accidental’ leak regarding the Government’s stance on fracking.

Two years ago, Wheelhouse announced an ‘effective ban’ on fracking in Scotland but judges found this had no legal force. Today, he stated that the government’s official policy position on the issue is to “not support” the controversial technique and that companies would only be allowed to frack in Scotland if they obtain a license and “we do not intend to accept any licenses for fracking”.

Fracking, which is the process of injecting liquid at high temperatures into subterranean rocks and boreholes. It is a heavily debated subject as it can destroy drinking water supplies and cause air pollution.



A woman has died following a crash between a car and a lorry in Dumfries and Galloway.

The incident took place at around 2.40pm on Wednesday when a silver Toyota Aygo collided with an articulated lorry on the A75 at Palnure.

Emergency services attended the crash and the woman, who was driving the Toyota, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The road was closed to allow for a full investigation to take place and Police say it was reopened to traffic again at around 11.30pm last night.



Portobello High Street has re-opened following two road traffic collisions on Thursday morning. 

The first incident occurred at around 7 am where a car was involved in a crash with a building on the High Street just after Adelphi Grove.

A second incident was reported at the Kwik-Fit garage, also on Portobello High Street.

Both traffic collisions have since been cleared and the High Street is operating as usual after significant rush hour delays.



The consortium behind Edinburgh’s delayed Sick Kids hospital has not yet committed to carrying out the work necessary to fix the problem that has delayed the troubled project.

The ventilation system in the critical care unit is the issue that has meant the opening of the building has had to be postponed for a year.

The NHS Lothian board has been told that problems with the consortium – IHSL – and their supply chain has meant that the work to bring the ventilation system up to national standards hasn’t been completed.



A man has been jailed after police found around £180,000 worth of heroin in an Edinburgh flat.

Craig Dimelow, 28, was found with nearly two kilos of the Class A drug in the flat on Captains Drive, Gilmerton.

The police used surveillance to track Dimelow and then used a search warrant to find the drugs as well a face mask contaminated with heroin, paracetamol and caffeine that had the 28-year-old’s DNA on it.

A further search at his West Lothian home, found £10,740 in cash.

Dimelow has been remanded in custody while a background report is prepared ahead of sentencing.



Edinburgh University has the most staff on salaries over £100,000 of the Universities polled in Taxpayers Alliance survey.

A total of 335 staff are on wages of £100,000 or more, putting Edinburgh top of the rankings.

Other Scottish Universities ranked include Glasgow, 246 staff, in fourth and Dundee, 133, in ninth.

Oxford and Cambridge were excluded from the rankings, as they didn’t provide full information that was requested.


Banned golfer, Scotland call-up & world record set – Sport Quiz


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Which Mean Girl are you?

By Erin Kirsop

It’s October 3rd, also known as Mean Girls day!

Find out who your inner Mean Girl is by taking our quiz!

Findlay receives Scotland call-up to replace injured Cooper


Kilmarnock defender Stuart Findlay has been called up to Steve Clarke’s Scotland squad for next week’s UEFA European Championship qualifiers against San Marino and Russia.

The former Celtic-man replaces the injured Leeds United defender Liam Cooper, who has withdrawn after injuring his groin on Tuesday night.

Findlay was called up earlier this year to the squad but failed to play against Cyprus and Belgium. He could make his debut in Moscow on the 10th October before facing San Marino three days later. He could be partnered by Grant Hanley, Charlie Mulgrew or Michael Devlin, who are also in the squad.

Hollywood film ‘Joker’ hits cinema screens tomorrow, but does it glamourise violence?

Image by Warner Bros

By Laura McCulloch and Heather Miller

Straying from the classic Batman trilogy films, Joaquin Phoenix takes us on the personal journey of the infamous DC Comics villain as he descends into insanity.

Joaquin Pheonix has already been heavily praised by critics for his portrayal of the early life of Arthur Fleck, a failing comedian who longs for human connection and acknowledgement from society.  Fleck’s isolation pushes him towards madness and crime after being discarded by everyone in Gotham City. 

The main themes of mental health and isolation form the story’s skeleton and is said to ‘blow’ it’s audience away. 

Moving away from the original Superhero style movie and no mention of Batman within the film, the Joker is the focus. His unfamiliar intentions are set to impress viewers and leave them on the edge of their seats. The tale is described to be almost as twisted as it’s core character and deals with the contrast between evil and good and at times edges towards rebellion.

These crime-related, violent scenes have raised debates over the use of violence in films. Families affected by the 2019 Aurora cinema shootings have complained to Warner Brothers regarding the aggressive scenes the film shows.

However, director Todd Philips has defended his film, saying that gun violence is a serious issue among society and should be discussed.

We spoke to local film fanatics who gave their say on Joker’s already controversial reputation:

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