The Northern Irish response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson Brexit’s plans


Northern Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar says that Prime Minister’s Johnson’s Brexit plan for Ireland “falls short in some aspects.”

Northern Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar

Speaking at press conference in Sweden with the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofvan, Varadkar insists there should no custom check points, and he is “reassured” that Boris Johnson said there would not be any, contradicting what was said in a proposal fro
m the UK government yesterday.

The Northern Irish Prime Minister clarified his aims when it comes to Brexit: “Our objective is very clear we do not want to see any custom posts between north and south” which were all abolished in the 1999 Good Friday Agreement, and he wishes that it stays that way.

The Swedish Prime Minister also said at the conference that “Sweden stands with Northern Ireland,” when it comes to the issues regarding Brexit.


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