Rising Deaths Due to Alzheimer’s

New figures for fundamental occurrences registered in Scotland during the fourth quarter of 2017 were published today by the National Records of Scotland and portray that 12,821 births, 5,975 marriages and 15,198 deaths were registered between the … [Read more...]

Comment: “It is imperative that we learn how to have an adult conversation about sex, gender and appropriate behaviour without it blowing up into a political or cultural shouting match.” Gregor Thomson

Amid the recent cultural shift of men in power paying the price for their unforgivable and disgraceful acts in a wide array of different sectors, most notably Hollywood, it’s important to regroup and figure out where we are now. It is … [Read more...]

Disabled Man Died Thirsty

Man with Cerebral Palsy dies from sepsis during bad weather. On Saturday 3rd March, Cameron Mclean woke up tired and thirsty at approximately 8:30am. His mother was worried after finding him sweating and having difficulty breathing so she phoned an … [Read more...]

Pre-Historic Briton Breakthrough

Scientific analysis shows a Briton's remains from 10,000 years ago had dark skin and blue eyes. Academics from London’s Natural History Museum extracted DNA from Cheddar Man-Britain’s oldest full skeleton-was discovered in 1903. College  researchers … [Read more...]

The Generation of Outrage

Is this generation too easily offended? Gregor Thomson discusses freedom of speech in the 'post Weinstein world'. In the last couple of months, it has been stated that many universities in the UK have restricted free speech with the creation of … [Read more...]

Tesco faces record breaking equal pay claim

Tesco is now tackling the biggest equal pay claim in Britain, as well as a bill of a possible £4 billion. Female store staff earn less than men though the work they do is comparable. Tesco have stated that they have worked hard to guarantee that all … [Read more...]

‘A World Without Evil’ – The King Lot’s new release is packed with refined rock songs

Following our interview with Jay Moir, the guitarist of The King Lot, we have exclusive access to the new album prior to its release on 27th of January. After raising £4000 from a Pledge Campaign, the production of the physical albums are finished … [Read more...]

Is the Government sugarcoating the fizzy drinks tax?

Due to the introduction of a sugar tax on soft drinks from April this year, Coca-Cola has announced that it will cut the size of their 1.75L bottles to 1.5L and increase the price by 20p in March in preparation, but what do we know about the sugar … [Read more...]

‘Come out to LA’ – DON BROCO single review

Within the first five seconds of this song, it’s obvious it will be a waste of 3 minutes. It begins with a catchy chorus but it sounds suspiciously like every dance song released in the last five years with synth strings accompanying the vocals. The … [Read more...]

Can we Trump climate change?

A 7.6 magnitude Earthquake struck the Caribbean sea on Tuesday, causing a Tsunami warning to be issued for the already disaster-struck Puerto Rico, as well as the British and US Virgin Islands. The US Tsunami Center later cancelled this alert, … [Read more...]