Poor Brexit negotiations could cause the British public their money and their holiday

UK is set to leave the European Union on the 29th of March next year. As the monumental date draws closer, British holiday-makers, who have booked airtravel in and out the EU after this date, are being urged to contact their travel agents and flight … [Read more...]

Catch The Best Deals For Your Summer Holiday

How can we ensure getting the best price when booking the holiday we work so hard for each year? The 20th of March will mark the first day of Spring and many sun-seekers are starting to count down the weeks until their holiday away.   One of the … [Read more...]

1 in 10 nurses leaving the NHS each year

NHS England is under further pressure as new statistics reveal 1 in 10 nurses are leaving the public health service. There has been a 20% rise in nurses hanging up their scrubs and waving goodbye to the profession since 2012/13. This figure means … [Read more...]

Disaster for German chancellor Merkel as coalition deal in doubt

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is facing her biggest political challenge after 12 years in the job. Mrs Merkel has yet to form an official government following the September federal election. She has been forced to plead with opposition parties to … [Read more...]

New test to detect liver damage after paracetamol overdoses

A blood test has been created which could help detect liver damage in those who have taken a paracetamol overdose. Patients who had taken an excessive amount of the drug were previously marginally helped by a test which could detect the specific … [Read more...]

Bill Gates’ firm to invest $80m towards new Smart City

  Bill Gates' investment company, Cascade Investment, is to put $80 million behind a new ‘Smart City’, within Arizona, USA.   The city, named Belmont, will be located just west of the capital, Phoenix, and will be made up of 25,000 … [Read more...]

Love a good Christmas market?

It seems like Christmas 2016 was only yesterday. Now it is only 6 weeks until Santa scurries down our chimneys and through our doors once again.   If Starbucks' festive cups, or John Lewis’ eagerly-anticipated advert didn't herald the merry … [Read more...]