Brainstorm: 아버지 (Father) – Reflection

아버지 (Father) The first few minutes of Reflection are a test of your patience. As a reward for seeking out new and exciting electronic music, you are treated to 10 minutes of what sounds like a computer lab full of Windows 98 computers crashing into … [Read more...]

Brainstorm: Hand Habit’s Beautiful Debut LP, Wildly Idle

Every few years or so, an album comes along that fills you with that warm feeling of awe, reminding us of the soul changing effect that well-constructed guitar music can have on the human heart. Hand Habit’s debut LP, Wildly Idle (Humble Before the … [Read more...]

Brainstorm : BRAINWAVE Mini Mix

Here's a mini mix of the best music so far this month, from the tape deck of the saddest reactionary around, Peter Carson. 1.Hand Habits - All the While 2.Padillion - My Way 3.You'll Never Get … [Read more...]

Teenage human trafficking victim found in Dumbarton

A teenage boy from Vietnam was found after escaping his captors an hour away from Dumbarton. This story breaks at the same time a documentary on Channel 4 tackling modern slavery airs, exposing the criminal gangs who exploit immigrants and forcing … [Read more...]

Scottish government begins Fracking consultation

The Scottish government is inviting the public to share their views on unconventional oil and gas extraction, including "fracking." The consultation Talking “fracking” will run until 31 May 2017 and can be viewed on the Scottish government’s … [Read more...]

Fox hunting laws to be strengthened after review

The laws on fox hunting will undergo changes in accordance to a review on the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002. The existing legislation has been said to have inconsistencies which make the prosecution of offenses under the act … [Read more...]

La La Land sweeps the Oscar Nominations, Streep breaks records

Entertainment reporter Peter Carson is here to tell you all the vital details about this year's Academy Award nominees. … [Read more...]

Do you want a Sankey’s in Edinburgh?

The famous nightclub 'Sankey's' is looking for new locations to bring their famous brand of good vibes to. Do you think they should open a venue in Edinburgh? Vote for your city at … [Read more...]

Top 5 housebreaking hotspots in the city of Edinburgh

Our Reporter Peter Carson tells us the top 5  places in the city that are affected by break ins. … [Read more...]

Sonneteer of the natural world Marion McCready talks about poetry

Living in a beautiful place such as Scotland, it can be hard to express in words how breath-taking the countryside and our scenery really is. For Marion McCready, the verses flow a little easier. McCready is an accomplished poet from Dunoon, Argyll, … [Read more...]