Brainstorm: Evita Arrives at the Playhouse

Last night Evita arrived at Edinburgh Playhouse following a smash hit run at London’s Dominion Theatre. Telling the story of Eva Peron, wife of former Argentinian dictator Juan Peron, the show follows Eva’s journey from struggle to … [Read more...]

Brainstorm: 아버지 (Father) – Reflection

아버지 (Father) The first few minutes of Reflection are a test of your patience. As a reward for seeking out new and exciting electronic music, you are treated to 10 minutes of what sounds like a computer lab full of Windows 98 computers crashing into … [Read more...]

Brainstorm: From the Seas to the Stars – John Williams’ Soundtracks Our Lives

Before reading on, I want you to think of a few pieces of music from films. Got some? Now tell me about them. Congratulations, you are now shouting at a computer and everyone thinks you are weird. More importantly though, just how many of those … [Read more...]

Brainstorm: EN4’s Favourite Songs Turning 20

It’s hard to believe the songs that we grew up listening to are now considered classics. You may not remember all of 1997, but it was a good year for music, so let us take you down memory lane to rediscover your love for our top five favourite songs … [Read more...]

Brainstorm: The Lack of an Odeon in Edinburgh, Today

Years ago, Edinburgh was arguably one of the most iconic cities in Europe, in terms of its opportunities for music artists, with a vast number of venues across Scotland’s capital, suitable for a variety of styles. Over the years, the city has … [Read more...]

Brainstorm: It’s 25 Years Since The KLF Caused Hell

It has been 25 years since the 1992 Brit Awards when electronica pioneers The KLF were given the honour of kickstarting proceedings at the award ceremony. The duo performed '3.a.m. Eternal' with grindcore act Extreme Noise Terror in front of many … [Read more...]

Brainstorm: Mashing Up Nostalgia with ‘Mouth Moods’

The art of the mashup - taking two or more songs and combining them into one - is a deceptively difficult one to pull off. It is not a simple case of putting two songs together in an unholy matrimony and calling it a day - to make it into a coherent … [Read more...]

Brainstorm: Hidden Charms – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh (Preview)

Painstakingly cool and unmistakably groovy, Hidden Charms touchdown the Scottish leg of their tour in Edinburgh on Friday night. The London four-piece headline a show at Sneaky Pete's, three months after a fantastic co-headline show with The Vryll … [Read more...]

Brainstorm: Inside the Intimate World of House Gigs

With artists and music lovers seeking a more intimate way to enjoy live music, the concept of gigging in someone's living room is becoming increasingly more popular. We explored the intimate world of house gigs for ourselves. Check out Howie … [Read more...]

Brainstorm: The New Sonic Architect

For years David Oliver has been exploring the infinite scope of effects pedals in creating ambient soundscapes. Performing as Sleet Walls, Oliver strays away from the conventions of traditional songwriting; shifting focus more toward texture and mood … [Read more...]