In memory of Jim Morrison: 8 shocking rock ‘n’ roll moments

Today, March 1st 2019, marks an important anniversary in rock and roll. It might not be the one you think.

No, it’s not the day The Beatles landed in America, sending throngs of Beatle maniacs into a screaming frenzy upon their arrival. It’s not the date Pink Floyd released Dark Side of the Moon, an album that would stay in the album charts for 17 years. It is, in fact, 50 years to the day that The Doors frontman Jim Morrison allegedly exposed himself to a stunned Florida crowd, all the way back in 1969.

Granted, this may not seem like the most shocking thing by today’s standards, in which skin, sex and nudity are at times a key part of an artist’s performance or identity. During the hazy days of the late 60s, however, this alleged lewd act was a national story in both music and mainstream press. Morrison himself was arrested over the incident, which he denied having taken place. The question of did he/didn’t he continued well after the untimely death of the singer in 1971 – but Morrison was eventually pardoned nearly four decades later by Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Guilty or not, this act of supposed rebellion is one that will go down in history as one of the more memorable moments in rock history. In the years that followed, there have been countless moments on stages throughout the globe that have shocked the audience and – indeed the world.

8 – The Sex Pistols swear on live TV, 1976

Another example of a moment that may be considered tame by today’s standards, but when members of legendary punk band The Sex Pistols turned the airwaves blue back in 1976, it caused mass outrage and made the group into public enemy number one.

As a last-minute replacement for Freddie Mercury, forced to cancel due to toothache, the punks appeared on tea-time tell programme Today. Continuously needled by presenter Bill Grundy, the group referred to the host as a “dirty old sod” before dropping a tirade of obscenities, including the F bomb. The show quickly went off air, and the Sex Pistols cemented themselves in musical infamy.

7 – Billie Joe Armstrong loses his cool , 2012

Green Day frontman Billie Joe smashed his guitar into smithereens during the iHeart Radio Music Festival during a performance of the band’s biggest hit “Basket Case”.

The singer, triggered by a production cue, cut the song short, declaring “I’ve been around since f–king 1988, and you’re gonna give me one f—ing minute? You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m not f—ing Justin Bieber, you motherf—ers.” Before destroying his guitar and throwing his microphone into the crowd. The singer entered drug rehabilitation in the days following the incident.

6 – Nirvana play the wrong song, 1991

At the height of their fame, Nirvana were arguably the biggest band in the world. But an appearance on The Jonathon Ross’ show proved that they weren’t going to be selling out and playing nice as part of their newfound fame.

Scheduled to play their chart-topping tune Lithium, the grunge band instead launched into their much punkier, much less famous song Territorial P-ssings before destroying their equipment and the stage. A shocked Ross jokingly reminded the audience at home Nirvana were available for “children’s birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.”

5 – Liam Gallagher Throws a Plum, 2009

Okay, so this one didn’t happen in front of the cameras or an audience, but the backlash from this rather bizarre incident is one that left the music world reeling, and worthy of a mention.


The Gallagher brothers in happier times (Credit: Paula Torres Rey)

Minutes before heading onstage to play in front of an eagerly awaiting crowd, rock ‘n’ roll’s most notorious brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher were involved in a heated argument that would lead to the end of one of the world’s biggest bands. When tensions continued to rise, Liam reportedly swung a guitar at brother Noel before throwing a plum in his direction. Arguably the straw that broke the camel’s back, that night’s performance was cancelled, and Oasis were no more.

4 – Ozzy Osbourne bites a bat’s head off, 1982

No stranger to controversy, former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne was onstage in Des Moines, Iowa when a bat emerged at his feet, flung from the crowd.

Thinking the bat to be made of plastic, Osbourne picked the animal up…. and bit the creature’s head off. Fans in attendance looked on in horror as the rocker finished his set, before being whisked to a nearby hospital room for rabies shots. The incident led to a ban of performances containing animals in the arena, and is still one of the most talked-about controversies in rock history today.

3 – James Hetfield goes up in flames, 1992

In 1992, two of the biggest bands in the world were playing a double headline show in Montreal – Guns ‘n’ Roses and Metallica. However, when Metallica frontman James Hetfield accidentally engulfed himself in flames, it triggered a series of very unfortunate events.

During ballad “Fade to Black”, Hetfield misjudged his step and stood directly in the way of a 12-foot flame as it burst into the air – a part of the band’s impressive pyrotechnic show. The fire melted the strings on Hetfield’s guitar, the skin on his right arm, and incinerated his eyebrows and parts of his hair. The group were forced to cut their set short to a sea of boos. Guns n Roses were set to take the stage and save the day, when….

2 – Axl Rose triggers a riot, 1992

Guns ‘n’ Roses took to the stage after Metallica cut their set short, and seemed ready to rescue the show. However, the rock megastars ended up leaving early themselves.

Infamously late Axl Rose took to the stage two hours after Hetfield was rushed to hospital. Complaining of sound issues and a sore throat, Rose walked off nine songs into the set, telling fans this would be the group’s “last show for a long time.” Furious fans then took to the streets of Montreal: overturning cars, smashing windows, looting local stores, and setting fires. Altogether, the riot caused more than $500,000 worth of damage to the city – which would be closer to $1 million in today’s money.

1 – Dimebag Darrell’s onstage assassination, 2004

By far the most shocking and tragic moment on this list, and perhaps in musical history is the Damageplan shooting in Columbus, Ohio that left four dead and seven injured.

Just two songs into their set, gunman Nathan Gale took to the stage of metal band Damageplan, featuring legendary brothers Darrell and Vinny Abbott of Pantera. Gale first shot and killed guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell, then fired upon the other band members and tour crew. The incident landed on the anniversary of Beatles legend John Lennon’s death, another musician gunned down by a supposed fan.

To this day the incident remains the largest mass killing in Columbus history, and led to security measures increasing at shows around the world, many of which are still in effect. Darrell was honoured in 2007 with a space on the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame.

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Five of the best food challenges Edinburgh has to offer

For some reason it’s particularly enjoyable to watch someone suffer through all manners of food challenges; from outrageous quantities of food to ridiculous hot hot heat. Equally mystifying is people’s unwavering desire to go out and do just that!

Scotland has a surprisingly large amount of food challenges. We just love eating that much. Below, I’ve gathered 5 of the most monstrous and difficult trials of the gut that we could find. If you like your meals to be more ‘Man vs Food’ than fine dining, take a look at some of these challenges right here in the capital.

WHAT: Kismot Killer Curry

TIME ALLOWED: One sitting

PRICE: £19.95, free if you finish the whole bowl

Kismot’s Killer Curry Disclaimer

This challenge comes with the biggest and scariest reputation on the list. It’s put 2 people in hospital in 2011 after they spent their evening throwing up and writhing in pain on the floor. Competitors are required to sign a legal disclaimer before taking part, a disclaimer that also encourages participants to pre-plan their suffering by putting toilet roll in the freezer for when they get home… Jeez.

Curie Kim, one of the participants taken to hospital, said: “It was very painful and felt like I was being chainsawed in the stomach with hot sauce on the chainsaw.”

The curry itself has been toned down a little since the events of 2011, but still poses a significant challenge. The curry contains 17 of the spiciest chillies in the world, and participants must give the restaurant 24 hour’s notice so that it can be prepared to its full strength.

If you want to have a peek before you attempt the feat, click here!

WHAT: Wings’ Armaged Wing Challenge

TIME ALLOWED: One sitting, then 30 minutes ‘burn’ time

PRICE: £4.20

Six wings coated in a sauce so hot it’s got 1.2 million scoville units of heat. To put that into context, your average Jalapeno has about 5,000 units. AKA, IT’S VERY HOT.

There is no time limit on eating the wings, but regardless of how long you take, from the second you’re done you have a 30 minute burn time. In this burn time you’re not allowed to move out of your seat or be sick, and the only thing you’re allowed to drink is beer or water.

Very few have defeated this fiery tongue battle and sat out the burn time, but those that do get two free bowls of wings a day for life. If you still want them that is…

WHAT: Taco Mazama’s Giant Burrito

TIME ALLOWED: 10 minutes

PRICE: £14.99, free if you finish


Burritos are often pretty hearty fare anyway but if you’re feeling extra hungry Taco Mazama can provide you with a supersized triple burrito. If you can polish it off in ten minutes, you’ll get the giant burrito for free and your photo on the wall. The fastest time at each Taco Mazama restaurant will then compete in a head-to-head eat-off at the end of the year to try and win a year’s free burritos. You better get practising!

Many professional competitive eaters have taken part, with one man finishing in only 2 minutes and 33 seconds!

WHAT: Boozy Cow’s Chilli Challenge

TIME ALLOWED: 15 minutes

PRICE: £28.50

You get 15 minutes to completely devour 1 chilli dog, 1 chilli burger, 1 portion of chilli cheese fries and 1 milkshake of your choice to cool down with during the challenge. Many have tried, many have failed, some have won!

The chef laces the standard chilli served in the Boozy Cow with Scotch Bonnet and ghost pepper sauce to ensure that the chilli is extra spicy for the contenders. Ghost pepper (bhut jolokia) was the first pepper ever to be registered to have over 1 million Scoville units and trust us, it packs a punch!

Across the restaurants, over 1500 people have tried the chilli challenge, and just over 400 have completed it successfully. That’s a 26.6% success rate. Easy peasy. Right?

WHAT: STEAK’s Man V Steak


PRICE: £160, free if you finish

Livingston FC footballer Keagan Jacobs struggling with the steak. Image credit: STEAK

Do you love steak? Lots and lots and lots of steak?

After you’ve signed the contract absolving the restaurant of liability from any health issues you might experience, STEAK will serve you up a 92 oz rump steak with five sides and three sauces.

Now this is an expensive one, but hey, maybe that will motivate you to finish it! You have one hour to demolish the slab of meat, sides and sauces if you want the £160 challenge struck from the bill, a t-shirt and your picture on display in the restaurants reception. Good luck!

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Edinburgh craft beer festival


Edinburgh’s first ever craft beer festival is set to take place on the last weekend of May and will showcase some of the finest breweries world wide as representatives will travel from afar to join the festival.

Edinburgh’s creative open space the Biscuit Factory is set to host the city’s first festival of this kind and the event will showcase no less than 200 craft beers from superstar craft brewers around the world. Journeying from all corners of the world from as far as New Zealand, America and Europe to arrive in Edinburgh the multicultural event will celebrate only the finest and best of beer.

Greg and Dan, the proud event organisers have hand picked the complete line-up and are excited to announce that this will include international breweries such as Lervig, Firestone Walker, Kernel as well as more locally breweries such as Thornbridge and Brewdog.

Scotland’s first global craft beer gathering will be the first of its kind in terms of the talent it will showcase and the somewhat 3000 people that are estimated to attend the event. More than 200 beers will be available to taste during the weekend some of which are classics returning to centre stage once again whilst many are newcomers to the market and are showcasing their products for the very first time. With some festival specials among them, those purchasing their early bird tickets are certainly in for a treat.


Top 5 Craft Beers

Brewdog: Elvis Juice

Showcasing some new epic brews, Brewdog are expanding their exciting range and this is certainly among the favourites. Crammed with pithy grapefruit and orange, this toasty IPA will most definitely get your taste buds tingling.

Firestone Walker: Bravo

This American brown ale is brewed using the hop variety ‘Bravo’ and is then aged for a year in a bourbon barrel. The barrel-aged beer is one of the driest beers yet but is brought to life by its malty freshness.

Yeastie Boys: Pot Kettle Black

Dark as the night and malty rich this warm and hoppy beer has paved its way successfully along the coasts of New Zealand, leaving in its wake many affectionate followers.

Pohjala: Must Kuld Colombia

Some of the most exciting craft beers will grace the spotlight of the event. This rich, dark coffee porter is a divine blend of tastes: milk chocolate, raspberries, vanilla and a hint of honey.

Fallen Brewing: New World Odyssey

This spicy blend of fresh fruitiness and a crisp citrusy note are all the right components to make this a refreshing, easy drinking lager.

Top 5 housebreaking hotspots in the city of Edinburgh

Our Reporter Peter Carson tells us the top 5  places in the city that are affected by break ins.

Five of the Best Lost Venues in Edinburgh

Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

A phrase that could fast become an epitaph for Edinburgh’s dwindling live venues. In recent years, the city’s music lovers have lamented the end of several independent record stores as well as the infamous closure of Lothian Road’s Picture House; replaced by the city’s fifth Wetherspoon pub in a two mile radius. Market Street’s Electric Circus is also facing the axe in order to expand an art gallery. Whatever magic dust seasoned the city’s sweat box basements and dingy dancefloors now seems in shorter supply than ever, so the best we can do is cast our minds back to some of the best noise pollution haunts that are no longer with us and celebrate some of the many famous faces that graced the capital.

TIFFANY’S, St. Stephens Street, Stockbridge


Originally opened as The Grand Theatre in 1900, this staple of the Edinburgh music archive became a cinema in 1920 and a dancehall in the 60s, playing host to the likes of Iggy Pop, Simple Minds, Dr. Feelgood and John Cooper Clarke in the early punk days of the late 70s. Tiffany’s would host gigs on Monday nights after a promotion company at the time agreed a rent free deal (as it was believed no one would go out on a Monday night). The deal soon became something of a masterstroke with the only Monday late license in Edinburgh at the time, sparking popularity beyond expectation. The hall later rebranded as Cinderella Rockafeller’s in 1982. The grand building sadly burned down in 1991 and flats now stand in its place.

THE VENUE, Calton Road


The Venue only shut its doors for good in 2006 and is still fondly remembered by many locals throughout the city. Opened in the early 80s as the Jailhouse, The Venue boasts one of Edinburgh’s best archived performer lists; welcoming the likes of The Stone Roses, Manic Street Preachers, Pavement and The Strokes.



Most locals today will recognise the site of the ABC Regal Cinema as the Odeon on Lothian Road. Wind the clock back, however, to the mid 60s and this famous building played host to some of the most legendary names in Rock ‘n’ roll. Perhaps most famous is The Beatles’ show in 1964. Amid the wave of early Beatlemania, photographs still circulate of the day the city went wild for the fab four; many fans camping outside overnight for a shot at tickets. Ironically, Eileen Oliver and Pat Conner (who collected 8,000 signatures as teenagers to bring The Beatles to Edinburgh) were not in the audience. Their mothers had not let them camp overnight for tickets on the Saturday evening and when they turned up early Sunday morning they had sold out. In its heyday, the Regal also featured performances from Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and The Beach Boys.



Pretty much every Edinburgh resident under 30 will associate this spot with Cav, whatever their connection with the place. Step into Cav today and your scepticism would be pardoned when somebody claimed that Pink Floyd, The Jam and The Ramones to name but a few graced the sticky floors of ‘Clouds’ in the early 70s. The club was renamed Coasters in 1979, famed for its Roller Disco, Dreamland Ballroom and performances from the likes of The Jam, Depeche Mode, R.E.M. and The Clash. In recent years, the club has undergone several million pounds worth of revamps and a handful of name changes before settling on Cav back in 2012. For better or worse, don’t expect to see the next breakthrough guitar band grace their presence any time soon.

MCGOOS, High Street

The Moonrakers at McGoos in the 1960s.

The Moonrakers at McGoos in the 1960s.


Beginning as the Palace Picture House in the late 1920s, McGoos was Edinburgh’s Mod epicentre in the 60s. All night soul discos would take place most weekends, but it is perhaps most fondly remembered for hosting The Who on its stage in 1967. It only cost six shillings (around 30p) to see The Who play McGoos and tickets could only be purchased on the door. Not long after, the venue unfortunately closed after being deemed unsafe by the Fire Brigade. The front facade still remains on the High Street, opposite the Scottish Storytelling Centre.



Still alive and well in the Southside, but worth mentioning purely for Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl’s impromptu acoustic set in 1991!

While now may be a time to lament closures, restrictions and good moments past when it comes to live music in Edinburgh, the city can brag as rich a cultural legacy from its past performances as it can its other iconic roots. While The Fringe and the Hogmanay shows dominate playing host to the best acts on offer nowadays, we can hope that the circuit returns to a similar vein of form one day. However, in the age of major sponsored arenas and European-wide festivals (albeit on hold in Scotland at the moment), the days of a fiver effectively paying you into a tunnel to see the hottest acts around may be consigned to days gone by.

*Pictures courtesy of EdinburghGigArchive

Liquid gold: four Edinburgh establishments to grab a tipple

While we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Scotsman as a publication, we are also to raise a glass (or a few) towards another national fixture – Robert Burns. Championing Scottish prose, he wrote world renowned poems such as, Auld Land Syne, Tam O’Shanter and To a Mouse.

Selected to be Scotland’s national poet, every January 25th – Burn’s birthday – families and friends gather in their finest kilts and dresses to toast to his life. And what is a better way than to celebrate with a dram of Uisge-Beatha (Water of Life), or to others who speak another tongue, Scottish whisky?

Once used as currency in the American Revolution, whisky (or scotch) has become one of Scotland’s biggest exports, conquering France and America among many. While many countries have tried to step up their efforts to better Scotland, some of the best in the world can only be produced within its borders.

During the winter months, it becomes an essential beverage when your wallet is scant but are still wishing for something that can warm you up on the cheap. Due to the abundance of fertile farmland – scotch is traditionally produced by fermenting crops such as barley and wheat – Scotland is packed with a variety of breweries that cater to different palettes and budgets.

With such a variety to show from Scotland, Edinburgh has made trying scotch relatively easy by collating the best of what there is to offer in handy Whisky bars. Don’t worry though, drinking whisky isn’t for everyone’s taste but there are many establishments in the capital city that are open to beginners.

In no order, here are some of the best places to go to try the native tipple.

Whiski Rooms: 4-7 North Bank Street

Perched on a hill overlooking Princes Street, reward yourself for the hike up with one of the 300 varieties on offer at the Whiski Rooms. Visiting in person is a must if you want to peruse their menu, as their larder is so many and everchanging that they can’t list them all online!

Usquabae Whisky Bar and Larder: 2-4 Hope Street

In inspiration of Robbie Burn’s poem, Tam O’Shanter, take in the historical West End of Edinburgh in comfortable surroundings at Usquabae bar. As well as boasting a sizably vast collection of whiskies, try their food – they have a whisky to pair with every meal!

The Black Cat: 168 Rose Street

A cosy and intimate bar, take in the live folk music on most days with a scotch in hand. If that doesn’t meet your tastes, they offer a range of international beers that will surely meet your tastebuds.

The Albanach: 197 High Street

Location, location, location is what is often seen as very important and in one of Edinburgh’s most well-known tourist attractions, this is certainly the case. Stop by this modern venue while stomping up and down Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile and peruse their 250 malt whiskies on offer. Their traditionally Scottish meals are nothing to turn your taste buds up at either.

Celebrating Robert Burns: the poet laureate’s 5 greatest works

Burns Night is fast approaching, many of us will be sitting down to a meal of haggis, neaps and tatties washed down with a dram of delicious amber. There is an important reason why we celebrate Rabbie Burns in Scotland and it is a very simple one: he is a national treasure, our greatest ever poet, whose works are known all around the world.

But, how familiar are you with the works of the legendary Scots bard? Here are 5 of his greatest works, still as poignant today as back in the 1700’s when they were first written.

To a Mouse

Burns 1

Burns wrote this after turning up a mouse’s nest with a plough in 1725. The poem talks of the relationship between man and nature; Burns ponders the existential meaning of his own existence in this wonderfully crafted piece. A trademark of Burns was his ability to take everyday happenings and use them to make a greater point about the world around him.

Best couplet:

I’m truly sorry Man’s dominion

Has broken Nature’s social union,

Auld Lang Syne

A song sang at Hogmanay, weddings and birthdays in Scotland; any excuse really. Many people are not aware that the song was written by Burns, yet everyone knows the words.

Best Couplet:

We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,

For auld lang syne.

A Red, Red rose

A romantic piece from burns who was known for his many conquests in love. Who knew Marvin Gaye was actually following in the footsteps of Rabbie burns? The Scot’s sonneteer states that his love will never die and will essentially last an eternity, touching.

To a Louse

Again, Burns discusses something he has observed, this time it is a louse on the head of the most beautiful girl in Church, Jenny. The poem is humorous; Burns uses fake outrage to describe how he feels about a common louse going about its business on the head of this attractive woman. Jenny is a person who would be considered “stuck up”.

Rabbie makes the point that the louse does not care for airs and graces but if Jenny could see how others looked upon her, maybe she would change her ways. A parable still relevant to this day,

Burns 9

Best Couplet:

O wad some Power the giftie gie us

To see oursels as ithers see us!

Address to a Haggis

This poem is where the association between Burns and haggis began, he was particularly fond of the offal delicacy and this address is read before every meal on Burns night. A fitting tribute.

Burns 5

Best Couplet:

Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face,

Great chieftain o the puddin’-race!

Have a great Burns Night…



Top five Christmas cocktails

With the arrival of Edinburgh’s annual Christmas market, and the magical lights that shine through the city centre, there is no denying that the capital is feeling very festive this winter season. Christmas food and cocktail menus are now on the tables of Edinburgh’s finest eateries and cocktail bars and if you fancy getting wined and dined in Christmas delights, you are not short of a option.

Here is EN4 News’s exclusive top five Christmas cocktails that will get you in the spirit for the festive season.

Apple Crumble Martini, The Dome

One of the cities iconic Christmas sites where golden lights run down its Corinthian pillars and its marble bar surrounds a beautifully decorated ten-foot Christmas tree. The bar is situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town on George Street; its lights make it hard to miss. The apple crumble martini is our Christmas favourite; Dewars Scotch whiskey, sugar syrup and butterscotch liquor, served in a quaint coup glass. Check out their official website.

Sage Against the Machine, The Blackbird

Located on Leven Street near the Edinburgh Links, this funky cocktail bar has just released its Christmas cocktail list. Including all things nice; cinnamon, nutmeg, root ginger and cold brew mulled wine; this is Edinburgh’s ultimate Christmas cocktail menu. From Chai Milk Punch to the Blackbird’s very own Christmas Old Fashion, the list shows imagination and taste. Our favorite is the Sage Against the Machine which pervades sage, roast chestnut, sugar and egg white. Check out their official website.

Chocolate Treacle, Sgyn Bar

For all you chocolate lovers, who could say no to this divine cocktail on Sgyn bars five-pound Christmas drinks menu. Brugal Anejo rum, chocolate bitters & apple stirred down with maple syrup; the cocktail will leave you in a heavenly state of bliss. Charlotte Lane in the West End is home to this hip bar, which hosts a resident DJ on Friday and Saturday nights. Check out their official website.

Taihoko Cocktail, The Voyage of Buck

This newly established bar is located on Williams’s Street in the West End. The quirky drinks menu tells the tail of a man named Buck and his adventures around the world. It incorporates the inspiring flavours he has tasted in Paris and Asia, to create an innovative cocktail menu. Our favourite was the unique Taihoko Cocktail which combines the festive flavours of roast cashew, orange bitters and cherry vermouth. Check out their official website.

Trambell Sour, Juniper

Situated on Princes Street with stunning panoramic vistas across the city skyline, Juniper is definitely worth a visit for a Christmas beverage. The cocktail will be made on it’s striking copper bar and can be enjoyed in the warmth of a armchair. Our Christmas favourite was the Trambell Sour infusing the sugar sweet flavour of agave with vanilla and maple smoke. Check out their official website.

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Header photo courtesy of The Blackbird

Top 5 Scottish foods for the coming winter

1. Haggis
Possibly the most renowned Scottish food, Haggis is a savoury pudding, a love or hate food that is best made in the heart of Scotland and will leave you satisfied.

2. Scottish tablet
This delicious sweet treat melts in the mouth and is the perfect end to any evening.

3. Scottish shortbread
While shortbread can be bought anywhere, Scottish shortbread has a buttery texture, a light and sweat taste and is perfect next to a warm drink on these peaceful September evenings.

4. Single Malt Scotch Whisky
The perfect drink to stock your cupboards with before Christmas, Single Malt Scotch Whisky will warm you down to the toes.

5. Walker Black label, blended Scotch Whisky
This whisky is a favorite around the world, and is best enjoyed in it’s Scottish home looking out across the rolling  hillside as the trees turn to a burning orange.

5 animals that tried to predict the outcome of the U.S Election



Months worth of polling couldn’t predict the result of the U.S election, so could a psychic animal have done a better job? On the verge of huge events in modern times, some people have resorted to animal predictions to find the answers they deeply need before the events happen. As human psychics are largely found to be fraudulent, it’s down to the psychics of the animal kingdom who have managed to remain credible in an era where psychic predictions are seen as old hat.

Scottish Spiritual Billy Goat

Many Clinton fans had their hopes set on the soothsayer named Boots, a goat from Roxburghshire who correctly predicted the Brexit vote in June. Sadly for fans of Hilary, he was as wrong as the pollsters.

Chinese Mind Reading Monkey

Trump was predicted to win by Geda, a simian psychic known for predicting the winners of European football matches. His foray into political forecasting will likely give him the credibility he needs to go on working as a monkey that sees the future.

Psychic Parrot Duo

These parrots told us the election was in the bag for Clinton, pecking and clawing at her name like they were absolutely sure she was going to clinch it. We reached out to the parrots, but they declined to comment.

Polarising Polar Bear & Fortune Telling Tiger

At Royev Ruchey zoo in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, election predictions were cast by giants of the oracle animal scene. In the red corner, we had Felix, the 1500 pound polar bear whose mind was set on Trump to win the presidency, while in the blue there was 700-pound liberal tigress Yunona, Clinton supporter and advocate of women’s rights.

Supernatural Swing State Dogs

In Cleveland, Ohio where the GOP Convention was held earlier this year, the city turned to its dog population to find out the results of the election. The combination of dog treats and chew toys has been proven to increase clairvoyant behavior in dogs. An attempt was made to reach out to Cleveland’s cat population, but they appeared to be disinterested in the political process.

Special Mentions : RIP Paul, The Psychic Octopus


Sadly, the world’s most famous psychic octopus is no longer on this earth to make his thoughts known. Paul, whose specialty was predicting the outcomes of football matches would likely have a lot of traction in the run-up to the election. His protege is a Manchester based octopus named Otto, but he is widely seen as a hack after his failure to foresee the win for Leave during the Brexit referendum. Here’s to you Paul, the octopus who stole our hearts and helped our chances at the bookies.

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