Morayshire’s Alternative Reality

Spiritualism and Green living in the Northeast of Scotland For the conscious individual, living in today’s materialistic Western society can be tough and, at times, rather depressing. It is bad enough that Donald Trump is the elected leader of the … [Read more...]

Callander – a town of mysterious beauty

Found on the easterly outskirts of the Trossachs National Park, the quaint little town of Callander is nestled comfortably in between the Bracklinn Falls to the South and the wide expanse of farmland on the other side of the River Teith. Callander … [Read more...]

The Hairy Coo Tour – a freely good way to explore Scotland

Lily Baker takes the scenic route   I have lived in this glorious, rich with history country for nearly four years and I am somewhat hesitant to admit that I have scarcely explored it, only leaving the capital a handful of times. However, I … [Read more...]

200 years of Scottish history

The Scotsman was launched on the 25th of January 1817 – the birthday of the great Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns - by William Ritchie, a solicitor and Charles Maclaren, a customs official. They created what Lord Cockburn described as, “the … [Read more...]

The End of the Road

Nestled in the crook of a peninsula, harboured from the North Sea like a babe lying in the safety of protective arms, is a little fishing town called Cromarty. The guardians against brutal waves and unforgiving winds that howl in from Northern lands … [Read more...]

Stories We’re Made Of

Scotland has a rich history of folklore and mythology. From the iconic Loch Ness Monster, to the grim stories of Sawney Bean, here is a look at some of the most famous tales to come out of the country. No piece of Scottish folklore is more iconic … [Read more...]

A Q&A with Scottish Slam Poetry Champion, Iona Lee

With Burns night fast approaching, we prepare to celebrate one of the country's most revered poets and historical figures. Burns' influence continues to permeate the poetry scene, but today Scotland is home to a new array of wordsmiths and mavericks. … [Read more...]

Scotland: the leading light for LGBT voices in politics

“The gayest parliament in the world” is how Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale once put it, two days after coming out as gay in a touching column last April. Dugdale is part of a quartet of the six Scottish party leaders that identify themselves … [Read more...]

Scotland, a welcoming land

These are hard times for the future of immigration in the UK, Europe and the Western sphere in general. The Brits have decided to leave the union and one of the main reasons is immigration; thousands of refugees are dying in the Greek freezing cold … [Read more...]

An afternoon with Wise-L Leathermonk

Celtic connoisseurs can get their aesthetic and audio fix in abundance from the likes of Wise-L Leathermonk. We spent a windy afternoon up a hill with the poet and ukulele bard to learn a little more about one of Edinburgh's most colourful and … [Read more...]