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Minimum alcohol pricing to start in May says Scottish Government

The Scottish government has announced minimum pricing will come in to force on the 1st of May next year. The new law will raise the cost of the cheapest, strongest alcohol by setting a minimum price per unit. Scottish Health Secretary, Shona … [Read more...]

Edinburgh tram enquiry: update

The Edinburgh Tram enquiry continues today with evidence being heard by former TIE construction firm chairman David Mackay as the fallout over the building of the transport network rumbles on. Mr Mackay told the enquiry that Edinburgh was “the … [Read more...]

Trump declares North Korea ‘State Sponsor’ of Terrorism

In a series of measures toughing down on North Korea, US President Donald Trump has put North Korea back on the list of countries that are believed to have continually provided support for acts of international terrorism. Stating his intentions in … [Read more...]

Scottish police officers want firearms according to study

A study shows police in Scotland feel “vulnerable to spontaneous violence”. A survey carried out by the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) on roughly 4,200 Scottish police officers, has revealed that they would feel safer with handguns to protect … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe ‘resigns’

President Robert Mugabe has resigned as Zimbabwe's leader Scheduled impeachment proceedings were halted after the President sent a letter detailing his surprise resignation. Mr Mugabe initially declined to stand down after a military takeover … [Read more...]

Children to be gifted books for Book Week Scotland 2017

 Over 450,000 children will receive free literature as part of Book Week Scotland later this month. All Scottish pupils in primary 1-3, will receive a ‘Bookbug’ family bag, which will contain three books from this years shortlisted works from a … [Read more...]