New evidence in hunt for Corrie McKeague means ‘Only One Thing’

The mother of missing RAF airman Corrie McKeague has claimed that new revelations involving a bin lorry can mean ‘only one thing’. Police confirmed the refuse vehicle, which was originally deemed too light to be carrying a body, had a much heavier … [Read more...]

House Republicans announce potential Obamacare replacement

  US House Republicans, revealed a detailed healthcare plan earlier this week, which could well replace the controversial Affordable Care Act,  signed into law in March 2010. Also known as Obamacare, the federal statute brought in by the … [Read more...]

Anti-Brexit Tory Lord Heseltine fired

Former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister Lord Michael Heseltine has been sacked in his role as a government adviser in the House of Lords following his anti-Brexit comments. Lord Heseltine was quick to condemn pro-leave campaigner Boris Johnson … [Read more...]

British kidnap victim released from hospital

  A British kidnap victim has been released from hospital. The 22-year old backpacker from Liverpool, who allegedly suffered from a horrifying ordeal including being kidnapped and being repeatedly raped, is now being comforted by her … [Read more...]

What to expect in the Spring budget?

Chancellor Phillip Hammond is to announce the Spring budget at number 10 later this afternoon. The new budget will draw a picture of what is waiting for Britain gearing towards Brexit.   In a speech this morning, Mr Hammond assured that … [Read more...]

Teenage human trafficking victim found in Dumbarton

A teenage boy from Vietnam was found after escaping his captors an hour away from Dumbarton. This story breaks at the same time a documentary on Channel 4 tackling modern slavery airs, exposing the criminal gangs who exploit immigrants and forcing … [Read more...]

Scotland puts pressure on rest of UK over tree planting initiative

Ambitious tree planting targets in Scotland are leaving the rest of the rest of the UK under pressure, as other governments must now act to reduce the impacts of climate change. Confor, the leading UK trade body for forestry and timber, has praised … [Read more...]

Council finds “no evidence” linking local park with dog deaths

A council investigation into the deaths of six dogs has so far found no link to the Forthquarter Park in Granton, Edinburgh. A spokesperson for the council said that while they were still investigating, the park would not be closing. The … [Read more...]

Scottish government begins Fracking consultation

The Scottish government is inviting the public to share their views on unconventional oil and gas extraction, including "fracking." The consultation Talking “fracking” will run until 31 May 2017 and can be viewed on the Scottish government’s … [Read more...]

Fox hunting laws to be strengthened after review

The laws on fox hunting will undergo changes in accordance to a review on the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002. The existing legislation has been said to have inconsistencies which make the prosecution of offenses under the act … [Read more...]