World renowned scientist Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

Physician Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. His family have confirmed that he passed peacefully at his home in Cambridge. The British Physicist is most known for his work on black holes and expanding the theory of general … [Read more...]

Successful first launch for Space X’s Heavy Falcon

Elon Musk’s latest test rocket, the Falcon Heavy, has blasted off from Cape Canaveral, in a historic launch. The departure of the rocket was risky, with only a 50% chance of a successful lift off, according to the Space X CEO. After the event he … [Read more...]

Germany’s two largest parties begin to form coalition

Four months of stalemate have resulted in a German coalition Government, according to media reports. Germany’s September elections proved inconclusive, as a coalition has not been agreed between the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) and Chancellor … [Read more...]

State of the Union 2018

US President Donald Trump has declared a, “new American moment” as he delivered his State of the Union speech to congress. In his maiden address, the republican leader said he was,” extending an open hand” to democrats in order to move forward. … [Read more...]

The ‘Fake News Awards’

Donald Trump's Fake News Awards' are due to take place later today. 'Fake News' was popularised by the President of the United States-Donald Trump-and won Collins dictionary word of the year in 2017. The term is used to describe 'fake' or … [Read more...]

Police search Lactalis websites after baby milk scare.

Police in France are investigating several websites owned and run by powdered baby milk manufacturer Lactalis. It is believed that a batch of baby milk infected with a strain of salmonella could have reached up to 83 countries with over 12 million … [Read more...]

North and South Korea to unite for Winter Olympic Games

Next months Winter Olympic Games will see South Korea and North Korea march under one "unified Korea" flag. The Games take place throughout the month of February in Pyeongchang, South Korea and it will see both nations walk together during the … [Read more...]

NFL Podcast @ 11am

Our NFL reporter Cameron Storer is joined by Ryan Maher to discuss all the latest play-off action from around the league. The pair reflect on all the Divisional Round match-ups and look ahead to the NFC and AFC Championship games. Who is going to … [Read more...]

Oprah Winfrey for President?

Her Golden Globes speech touching upon black and female empowerment went viral so far as to spark hopes of a 2020 presidential bid. When asked if she would run for president, her partner Stedman Graham said she would “absolutely do … [Read more...]

Can we Trump climate change?

A 7.6 magnitude Earthquake struck the Caribbean sea on Tuesday, causing a Tsunami warning to be issued for the already disaster-struck Puerto Rico, as well as the British and US Virgin Islands. The US Tsunami Center later cancelled this alert, … [Read more...]