Midlothian council hope to acquire new parking powers

Midlothian Council are set to be awarded new parking powers in an attempt to prevent drivers from committing parking offences in the city. This comes from the withdrawal of police enforcement in the county, and the introduction of decriminalised … [Read more...]

You can now explore The National Museum of Scotland online!

Using the same system as Google Street View, you can now explore everything on offer at the National Museum of Scotland from the comfort of your own home. Hosted by Google Arts and Culture the entire museum has been uploaded online, alongside 1000 up … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Cyclists to get head start at traffic lights

Under new council plans announced today, cyclists will get a head start at traffic light junctions along the tram route. These new traffic lights that would go green for riders before other traffic would be installed at 14 different sites along the … [Read more...]

Avengers premiere could take place in Edinburgh

Scottish Avengers fans may get the chance to assemble at the premiere of Avengers Infinity War as rumors speculate that it may showcase in Edinburgh. It comes after the backing of eager fan Mae Trumata’s petition to get the film in the capital by … [Read more...]

Brexit bill powers curbed by MSPs at Holyrood

In a series of meetings held by the Finance Committee at the Scottish Parliament, MSPs have been debating amendments to the Westminster EU Withdrawal Bill amongst dispute over devolved powers in a post-Brexit political landscape. There is potential … [Read more...]

City Council plans for tram extension

Edinburgh city council has made plans for a tram extension between Leith and Newhaven by 2022 if approved. The extension has been estimated to cost around £165m, with four bidders already shortlisted for the £90m infrastructure. In an official … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Airport announce a new app for disabled passengers

The welcome app, created by Neatebox, is designed to allow passengers to personalise the assistance they require and request assistance from the airport in advance. The Edinburgh Airport passengers with Reduced Mobility team will then receive a … [Read more...]

Changes to disabled services in Edinburgh

East Lothian Council have announced plans to charge people with learning difficulties for their use of day centre facilities. The proposal will see those affected charged £2 per three hour session, with additional costs for transport to … [Read more...]

Bid to increase Age of Criminal Responsibility in Scotland

A bill has been published to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility in Scotland to 12 years old. The current age of legal responsibility-eight-is the lowest in Europe. Currently an eight year old can go before a children's hearing from the … [Read more...]

No Smoking Day highlights danger to pets

The annual awareness campaign by the NHS focuses this year on damage to animals. If you happen to know somebody who smokes cigarettes - or if you smoke them yourself – it’s a quirk to deal with. From the lingering smell to damaged gums and teeth, … [Read more...]