Sheffield Hallam University develop intelligent fingerprint system like no other

New fingerprint technology has been developed by scientists at Sheffield Hallam University which can, not only detect blood and various cosmetics, but also remind you exactly what you had for your lunch.   Fingerprint technology has … [Read more...]

Can you survive your own hell? Pop Up to Black Bar Barracks and discover your fate

Black Bar Barracks have created an adult-only Halloween experience which lets you delve into the pits of your own hell. Why would you say no?   “Private Hell” dares you to explore the disused military medical facility which has been … [Read more...]

15,000 students suffering from mental ill-health since last year

According to this years research by The Institute of Public Policy , "five times as many students have a mental health condition, brought on by the stresses of university life". Figures for first year students alone, have shown an increase from 3,000 … [Read more...]

Student charity Nightline emphasises the importance of World Mental Health Day

The Edinburgh Nightline charity is attempting to tackle the growing problem of mental health issues among university students in the capital. One in four students in Scotland are currently suffering with a form of psychological illness. Today, … [Read more...]

Maurice Malpas: time for a ‘fresh face’ for Scotland

Former Scotland defender, Maurice Malpas has stated it might be time for Scotland to bring in a 'fresh face' as manager.  Malpas, who played in the same international team as Gordon Strachan, has said: "I think Gordon will reflect on the last two … [Read more...]

Student stress causes contract cheating

Reports show a staggering amount of 600 students at the University of Edinburgh cheating in either exams or course work in the past 2 academic years.    The University Standards Watchdog has issued a new government-approved guideline to … [Read more...]

We’re Fawning over this adorable addition to Edinburgh Zoo Edinburgh Zoo celebrated the birth of their first Visayan spotted deer calf last October and just yesterday, another was born. The new fawn, Tember, joined the family and zoo members are thrilled by the … [Read more...]

“Radical” LGBT+ play is thrusting into Edinburgh’s Lyceum this week

Love Song to Lavender Menace is a "radical, time-travelling, disco dancing, LGBT+ love story" that brings the legend of Edinburgh’s first queer bookshop to life. Edinburgh playwright James Ley, founder of Village Pub Theatre, decided the story of … [Read more...]

IRN-BRU Cup Quarter Final Draw: Holders Dundee Utd Draw Crusaders

  Dundee United have been drawn at home against Crusaders in the IRN-BRU Cup Quarter Finals draw.  The holders face Northern Irish opposition for the second consecutive time, following a 1-0 victory over Linfield in the previous … [Read more...]

An unusual patty to celebrate British Food & Drink fortnight

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