Jessica Jones – A mixing pot of neo-noir mystery and female empowerment

Arguably the best of Netflix Marvel’s TV returns for a second season- providing a perfect cultural avatar that reflects the outrage and unity of the Post #MeToo world. The second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones was released last week to coincide … [Read more...]

How ‘I, Tonya’ shines the spotlight on the pressures of international circuit figure skaters

An ex figure skater's initial reaction to hearing about the release of a film depicting one of figure skating's biggest scandals is naturally going to be excitement. A film depicting the life of Tonya Harding, the redneck Olympian pushing the … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Archie Macpherson believes Sky Sports should sack Jamie Carragher

Broadcasting and football commentating legend Archie MacPherson believes Jamie Carragher should be sacked from his punditry role for spitting towards a 14-year old girl. The former Liverpool defender has been in controversy after a video emerged of … [Read more...]

Another Birthday for the SFA

Yesterday the second oldest national football association in the world celebrated its 145th anniversary - happy birthday to the Scottish Football Association. In the week where Scotland’s latest national friendly squad was released, take a minute to … [Read more...]

The Generation of Outrage

Is this generation too easily offended? Gregor Thomson discusses freedom of speech in the 'post Weinstein world'. In the last couple of months, it has been stated that many universities in the UK have restricted free speech with the creation of … [Read more...]

Andy Murray Ups the Anti, Post-Surgery.

With Scotland’s sporting hero Andy Murray off the courts after hip surgery, sporting enthusiasts and those more inclined to keep up with the Kardashians have become curious; when will he be back? And more so, will he make it back to number one? In … [Read more...]

EN4News gives the football predictions for this weekend’s Premier League fixtures

Our football experts predict this weeks footballing match-ups. Cameron Storer, Ewan Hawthorne and Ryan Maher anticipate all this weekends action. From Sellhurst Park to Hampden, the Riverside to Anfield; this is EN4News football predictions for this … [Read more...]

The story behind Toy Story

In a small back room of the then independent Lucasfilm studio in Emeryville California, a small team of writers, story boarders and animators sat down and planned out the next 18 years of what would be known as Pixar Animation Studios. Responsible … [Read more...]

Rangers search for Pedro Caixinha’s replacement continues. Who’s in the running for the Ibrox Post?

Almost a month has passed since Pedro Caixinha lost his job as Rangers manager, and we are still unaware of who will now take up the position. There have been more contenders than the Grand National, but EN4 News attempts to whittle down the most … [Read more...]

Has the UFC Found Their New Star?

Before the UFC’s event in the Polish city of Gdansk, Darren Till could walk through almost any street entirely unnoticed, but after a knockout win over the company’s #6 welterweight contender, fan favourite Donald Cerrone, the young man hailing from … [Read more...]