How an 19th century Scotsman changed the face of combat sports

In 1826, a young 25 year old Scotsman from just outside Dumfries immigrated to Brazil in search of a new career. What he didn’t realise at the time was that in almost two centuries time, his descendants would change the face of combat sports. His … [Read more...]

Scots paint the sporting world tartan

Football might not be our forte but while our tartan athletes battle for a place in the World Cup 2018, Scotland proves we can dominate other sports. CYCLING  Grant Ferguson, 21, has peddled a long way from Peebles.  The Scot is a shoe in for … [Read more...]

Girls Day Out shows they can bounce beyond recent health reports

Only a quarter of girls exercise regularly and less than a fifth participate in any exercise at all, causing obesity in young women to be almost 10% more than young men, according to a government study. To combat this, 'Girls Day Out' is a new and … [Read more...]

European qualifier roundup

Tuesday night's final round of European Championship qualifiers saw Ukraine and Sweden join the pool for next year's competition. A Zlatan Ibrahimovic brace saw Sweden hold Denmark to a draw in Copenhagen, with the Swedes qualifying 4-3 on … [Read more...]

Napier takes to the track

Despite the huge popularity surrounding the sport, Edinburgh Napier University has not had an Athletics Sports Club for over 3 years. Tomorrow this changes though, for the Napier Student's Association will officially recognise the team after … [Read more...]

Top Samoan player faces ban for Scotland game

Samoa wing Alesana Tuilagi will miss Saturday's World Cup meeting with Scotland after receiving a five week suspension as a result of foul play. Japan's Harumichi Tatekawa was struck by the 34-year-old Newcastle Falcons back’s knee in the second … [Read more...]

Scottish ski centre guide

Forecasters are predicting a harsh winter ahead with a lot of rain on the way, but it might not be bad news for everyone. The Scottish centres have already received the first snowfall of the season and might even be open soon for some proper skiing. … [Read more...]

Shinty: An Introduction

Shinty has a relatively low profile in Edinburgh and the central belt of Scotland. But in some parts of the country, especially the highlands shinty is a way of life. … [Read more...]