Decision delayed on council funding for Corstorphine Community Centre

A decision of whether Edinburgh Council should fund the rebuilding of Corstorphine Community Centre has been delayed until after the UK budget next week.

The centre’s future has been stuck in limbo since the original building was left devastated by a fire in 2013.

Last year the hub had been assured £750,000 of funding for a new building would be made available, however a report released in December highlighted a £13.6 million shortfall in funds for repairing community centres across the city, causing plans to collapse. But further money could become available following the UK budget, which will be confirmed on Wednesday, March 11.

However, Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors have urged that the £750,000 should be met from unallocated council cash reserves.

Jeremy Balfour, Tory MSP and former councillor for Corstorphine, told EN4 News that he was “very disappointed” with how the community has been treated following the latest delay.

“It has been an issue that’s gone on for a number of years since the building burned down,” Balfour said.

“The council gave guarantees they would help on this and money would be put aside… and now they’re no longer going to help and rebuild it.

“It is the only facility that the community can use. The community have been fundraising really hard and they’ve been let down at this very late stage.”

The decision as to whether funding should go to the community centre has been postponed until after next week’s UK budget, but Corstorphine locals are hopeful the money will be secured.

Tommy McLean, funding co-ordinator for the Community Centre told EN4 News: “We are appreciative of the council as they are trying to find the money, and hopefully after we look at the award from the government that they will be able to allocate funding. We think is a good deal for the community.”

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