Analysis: Edinburgh Council Budget Plans for 2018/19

Image: Ross Cowper-Fraser

Music tuition and public toilets may face the axe. The City of Edinburgh Council has been tasked with the difficult job of trying to save £28 million in the 2018/19 budget. Over the past week a series of articles have been released by Edinburgh … [Read more...]

Midlothian council hope to acquire new parking powers

Midlothian Council are set to be awarded new parking powers in an attempt to prevent drivers from committing parking offences in the city. This comes from the withdrawal of police enforcement in the county, and the introduction of decriminalised … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Cyclists to get head start at traffic lights

Under new council plans announced today, cyclists will get a head start at traffic light junctions along the tram route. These new traffic lights that would go green for riders before other traffic would be installed at 14 different sites along the … [Read more...]

Free Lunch Cancelled for Councillors

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Well, not anymore. Local councillors have been informed that they will no longer be getting free lunch at noon, as they are finishing their work too early. The decision has led to complaints that … [Read more...]