There’s a new photography Crew in town

Photography is floundering in the wake of iPhone amateurs, but Edinburgh based talent agency Crew Ltd are on their way to bringing professionalism back.

Scottish visual art agency Crew Ltd held an exhibition in Summerhall last night, showcasing personal works of some of the country’s most talented professional photographers. They said:

We wanted to showcase our photographers in a more relaxed atmosphere. The exhibition was a selection of personal works from our established clients, alongside a glimpse of our rising stars too.

Crew Ltd tackles the under-representation of local freelancers. Their live app is the first of its kind in Scotland. Acting as a digital talent agent, the app has built a community of like-minded professionals; providing them with anaccessible platform from which to network their brand, control their finances and get their work out there. They added:

Companies like us are crucial to the industry. We need to bridge the gap between education and employment, innovating the mindset of the trade and redefining what is expected as a professional in the industry today.

The folios on show last night covered a vast number of genres and styles. Allowing the artists to exhibit whatever they wished made for an endearing visual representation of heart, humour and intellect.

Sam Sill’s Folio. Credit: Mairi Mulhern

Sam Sills is Burma born and Scottish bred. She explored her heritage in Myanmar for the first time last year, seeing and feeling it through her lens.

She says commercial photography can be restrictive, so having the opportunity to share this personal story through Crew last night was refreshing, she said:

Doing your own stuff is self-fulfilling anyway, but when someone like Crew lets you showcase it in this setting, it’s refreshing – like you’re baring your heart and your soul! I love it.

Jodie Mann keeps professional fashion photography glitzy and glamorous for her clients. However, in her spare time she blends commissioned work with her personal creativity to invent obscure, gloomy and dystonia pieces of art. She said:

Commissioners in the fashion industry don’t want personal work in a professional exhibition, so Crew are doing something quite out of the ordinary by merging the two and giving me freedom to open up myself, as opposed to just opening up my folio.

Jodie Mann with some of her work. Credit: Mairi Mulhern

Crew Ltd have a mindset that is refreshing for Scottish photography. Blending the professional with the personal and the work with the play, in this case, has worked to create something new. A heaviness is lifted to leave only art. Modern art.

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