Coronavirus: British man on Japanese cruise ship dies as three more cases are confirmed in the UK


Three more cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the UK today, taking the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 19.

A British man, who was quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, has also died, according to Japan’s health minstery. He is the first Briton to die of the disease.

No cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Scotland but Scottish health secretary Jeane Freeman has said that the country should “expect cases” of the disease.

However, Penny Taylor, a freelance health correspondent and health and social care specialist said NHS Scotland have made contingency plans which should prove to be effective.

“I think the NHS in Scotland is going to be as prepared as it possibly can be given there is so much we don’t know about coronavirus,” Taylor told EN4 News.

“But I think they are very good at contingency planning, trying to anticipate things like epidemics and putting in place things to make sure that they can care for people if it hits.”

Taylor added that panic over coronavirus fears in Scotland isn’t helpful.

“I think that the best advice people are being given is wash your hands extremely well,” she said.

“Look up how to do it properly because few of us actually know that. If you are feeling at all unwell please don’t go into public areas, don’t risk spreading it, stay at home call the telephone numbers and follow the advice of the experts.

“We do not know how serious this might be, or whether this will fizzle out and disappear and hopefully if the control mechanisms are put in place work then it will not escalate and be the pandemic that everybody fears.”

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