Facebook bans Britain First

Facebook has removed the pages of the anti-Islamic Britain First group as well as its leaders profiles. This action was taken after the social media company said that the group had repeatedly violated its community standards policy. Ignoring its … [Read more...]

The ‘Fake News Awards’

Donald Trump's Fake News Awards' are due to take place later today. 'Fake News' was popularised by the President of the United States-Donald Trump-and won Collins dictionary word of the year in 2017. The term is used to describe 'fake' or … [Read more...]

Can we Trump climate change?

A 7.6 magnitude Earthquake struck the Caribbean sea on Tuesday, causing a Tsunami warning to be issued for the already disaster-struck Puerto Rico, as well as the British and US Virgin Islands. The US Tsunami Center later cancelled this alert, … [Read more...]

May accuses Putin of election interference

Theresa May has launched her strongest criticism of Russia to date, accusing the Kremlin of meddling in elections.   The Prime Minister said Moscow had "mounted a sustained campaign of cyber espionage and disruption" in a speech to … [Read more...]

Trump is ready to destroy North Korea

In his debut speech to the UN General Assembly, Donald Trump warned of the threats from ‘rogue nations’. The US President singled out Iran and North Korea in his New York speech. On North Korea, he mockingly said its leader, Kim Jong-un, “rocket man … [Read more...]

President Trump addresses UN General Assembly

President Donald Trump has addressed the UN General Assembly for the first time today. Speaking about North Korea's nuclear threat, he threatened to "totally destroy" the country if the situation arises in which they are forced to defend themselves … [Read more...]

Breaking: Trump names former critic as UN Envoy

Donald Trump has named South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as US ambassador to the UN, US media report. She is the first non-white female cabinet-level official appointed within the Trump administration, despite her previous criticisms of Trump's … [Read more...]

5 animals that tried to predict the outcome of the U.S Election

  Months worth of polling couldn't predict the result of the U.S election, so could a psychic animal have done a better job? On the verge of huge events in modern times, some people have resorted to animal predictions to find the answers they … [Read more...]

Womanhood and Donald Trump’s presidency

"Nobody has more respect for women than I do," Donald Trump told voters during first presidential debate. However, he has been accused of sexual assault from more than a dozen women - which Trump has denied, and he has threatened to sue them once … [Read more...]

Scotland empathises with disappointed Americans following Trump’s election

"Today we make America great." This is what Donald Trump posted on his twitter page, 22 hours ago. Today Scotland, along with the rest of the world, wakes to a new US President. Donald Trump is victorious against his rival Hilary Clinton. Scottish … [Read more...]