Drawing Circus comes to Edinburgh

The Drawing Circus comes to Edinburgh for the first time this evening for a night of theatrically themed life drawing set to music.

Photo by Mary Martin

Six models will be posing unclothed and costumed, creating ‘narrative tableaux’ to draw; holding a variety of 1 minute to 3 hour long poses over the course of the evening – all accompanied by live music.

Drawchestra will be accompanying the models

The Drawing Circus are a troupe of Brighton-based artists, models, art tutors, musicians and performers who seek to promote a ‘sense of wonder at the visual world through innovative drawing classes’.

Photo by Mary martin

Jake Spicer: Co-director of the drawing circus:

We aim to push the boundaries of life drawing classes, with theatrical, narrative tableaus of models and live music, so we couldn’t wait to come up to Edinburgh where there is such a vibrant and creative life drawing scene. We’re hoping to meet a lot of new artists here, see some wonderful drawings made and hopefully encourage a few novices to come and have a go too!

Photo by Mary Martin

The event will be held tonight, October 24, at the Basic Mountain studio on Hill Street.
Doors at 6.45 pm, with drawing from 7-10 pm with breaks. Tickets are available here.
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