Controversial City Centre car park awarded ‘listed’ status

This week Historic Environment Scotland (HES) announced that Castle Terrace Car Park will receive a Category B listed status, meaning the car park will be protected by the government and consent must now be given to make alterations to the property.

Picture by Scott Bird

Castle Terrace Car Park was designed and built between 1959 and 1966 as a central car park for Edinburgh’s growing motorist population, with the property remaining true to its original design since its completion. The car park, owned by the UK’s largest private car park company NCP, has been praised for its distinctive Brutalist architecture and is now ranked among the likes of The National War Museum of Scotland, The Cameo Cinema and The Balmoral Hotel.

Historic Environment Scotland defines a Category B listing as:

“Buildings of special architectural or historic interest which are major examples of a particular period, style or building type.”

Castle Terrace Car Park was initially built to deal with the parking problems that came with the 30,000 drivers now crowding the streets of 1950s Edinburgh. It was the first modern multi-storey car park built in Scotland with designers allegedly drawing structural inspiration from Edinburgh Castle which can be seen from the car park.

However, Castle Terrace Car Park is not exactly a revered location among locals, with most residents believing it to be a hub for anti-social behaviour and extortionate parking fees. NCP Car Parks currently charge drivers £31 to park at Castle Terrace for between 6 and 24 hours with some users branding these prices as “daylight robbery” and “the embodiment of human greed”.

It appears that NCP Car Parks might be the only party benefiting from the car park’s listed status which now means that the company will be open to receiving government funding to “support costs associated with culture and heritage conservation”, with maximum grants reaching up to €100 million.

Lights, Camera, Action! – The Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2019 kicks off tonight

Hosting film-makers from across the globe, the 2019 Edinburgh Short Film Festival gets underway tonight, with the sellout first programme ‘Out of Frame’ at the Filmhouse starting at 8:45pm. 

The ever growing festival started off as the Leith Short Film Festival in 2011 and since then has evolved into a landmark event for the capital. Featuring everything from the first film made in Somalia in 20 years, to short films smuggled out of China and Iran, as well as Oscar nominated shorts from around the world. The ESFF is dedicated to providing Edinburgh and Scotland with a vibrant short film festival that is about creating film communities and encouraging the production and screening of artistic work within local and international networks.


Photo credit: Edinburgh Short Film Festival


Paul Bruce, the Festival Director has been hard at work getting things in order for tonight’s opening. “Next year is the 10th anniversary so it’s been going for quite a while now.” Bruce says.

“The response has been great. We’re sold out tonight at the Filmhouse and close to selling out this weekend at Summerhall. Edinburgh has a great filmgoing audience and we very much like having them along”.

“This year is special, we’ve got 11 nights and we’re screening some of the best short films internationally and across the UK and even a lot of Scottish short films as well”.

“You see some outstanding short films and outstanding work. I think one of the best aspects is  meeting a lot of the film-makers that come to visit. You meet people from all over the world. We’ve had people from the States, Australia, Japan and finding out how they make their films and meeting them in person is very exciting”.  

“It’s nice to meet people from across Europe and internationally that put on films and short films for audiences, finding out a little bit from them, exchanging cultures and creating Scottish films for overseas audiences. I get a big kick from it.”

ESFF 2019 Trailer from RPP PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

However, Bruce explains it’s not an easy task to put on such a large event:

“Each year we get something like 1,500 to 1,600 short films and you have a selection committee where each film is watched twice, and if a film gets recommended by two people on the committee then it goes onto a long list and from there you watch them again and create a short list. From there you’re kind of balancing programmes so that you have enough comedy, documentary, animation, drama and so on. It’s a long process, it takes around 6 months”.

“There’s a lot of really good films. There’s some amazing animation from Taiwan called ‘Goldfish’ that’s really good. Some Scottish drama with ‘In the Fall’ by Tom Dental. We’ve also got The Oscar winner ‘Skin’ – that’s a remarkable piece of work”.

A free pre-launch networking event is being held tonight at Brewdog in Festival Square from 6.00pm to 8.30pm, before the first show.

For more information about the events visit the festival’s website Or stay updated on recent announcements on their Facebook page at

Tickets are available on the ESFF website here

Loose masonry in Edinburgh is home owners’ responsibility, says local stonemason

An Edinburgh stonemason has told EN4 News that the increase in falling masonry in the city is due to home owners not doing “proper maintenance”.

The Edinburgh Evening News reported this week that there were 179 reports of falling stonework from old tenement buildings in Edinburgh last year, with the number rising dramatically in recent years. Only 33 reports were made in 2008 regarding falling masonry, however within ten years there has been nearly 1,000 cases reported.

Edinburgh based IMC Masonry owner, Iain Mcarthur, also said that there is a longstanding issue with Edinburgh Council, accusing them of being “difficult to deal with”.

Edinburgh Evening News Editor Iain Pope tweet showing areas of where falling masonry was reported.
-Source Twitter @iainpope73

– Edinburgh criticised for inaccessible buildings

– Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital has ‘thousands’ of issues

Edinburgh Council responded to the Evening News’ story on Twitter by saying that it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain their masonry and that they “strongly advise” that home owners get their properties surveyed.

Conservative MSP Graham Simpson explained to the Evening News that Edinburgh has the highest number of listed buildings in Scotland.’ He explained that this meant that Edinburgh has ‘probably got the oldest property stock.’

The Evening News’ story prompted reaction on social media. One Facebook user said: “Everything gets left up on roofs from old aerials, cables to satellite dishes just dumped it’s a ticking time bomb however trying to convince home owners to agree and take action especially shared repairs is hard.”

Edinburgh Council added: “Please note we will make safe buildings that are in a dangerous condition and pose a threat to public safety.”

Edinburgh criticised for inaccessible buildings

Edinburgh City Council has come under fire today from a local stroke survivor who has criticised the city’s accessibility for disabled people.

50-year-old Shirley Todd from Clermiston admitted to living in ‘complete social isolation’ after attempting to navigate Edinburgh city centre as a wheelchair user for the last nine years. In 2010 Shirley, who was a regular marathon runner, suffered a stroke while having a brain tumour removed which left her paralysed, wheelchair-bound and having to rearrange her life around her disability.

– Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital has ‘thousands’ of issues

– Loose masonry in Edinburgh is home owners’ responsibility, says local stonemason

Reflecting on life before her stroke, Shirley admits that she had never really considered accessibility for disabled people in Edinburgh, saying that she had ‘blinkers on’ when thinking about how people navigate the city which is undoubtedly the case for many. Now as a wheelchair user, Shirley confessed that ‘it’s been torture’ every time she leaves the house to access shops and restaurants.

Taking matters into her own hands, Shirley conducted a survey across Lothian Road, Bread Street and the Grassmarket area and found that a staggering 73% of businesses considered were not wheelchair-friendly.

The Scottish Parliament’s cross-party group for disability met in June to discuss problems relating to Scotland’s disabled citizens. Ian Buchanan from Disability Scotland raised the issue of inaccessible social security buildings as a massive problem for the country’s most vulnerable.

The group assured Buchanan that: “Interim measures are in place to ensure accessibility to buildings in Glasgow and Dundee and are compliant with current legislation.“

But it seems that Scotland’s capital has been excluded from the effort to make public buildings more accessible and fall in line with the Equality Act 2010. The Disabilities cross-party group has yet to meet since June, however a ‘push for sports facilities and accessible toilets’ has been tabled for the group’s next discussion.

For now, it seems that the city’s disabled population will have to rely on tips and recommendations from others. Websites such as Euan’s Guide and AccessAble  provide lists of accessible buildings across the UK, from hotels and restaurants to shops and universities.


A Deep Dive into Comic Con Scotland 2019

Edinburgh will field a trip back to the future this weekend, as a host of stars will descend upon the Royal Highland Centre for the second annual Comic Con.

Stars such as Jean-Claude Van Damme and WWE legend The Undertaker top this year’s bill, after the events’ resounding success in 2018.

There are a host of opportunities for lucky fans to meet these all-time greats, and a vast array of zones dedicated to some of sci-fis biggest names, including a Back to the Future zone headlined by Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd.

The return of National Album Day: what’s it about and what’s on

There truly is something for everyone at Comic Con this year, including one of the largest motorbike enthusiast conventions in the country, the UK Bike Fest. The Festival will be headlined by stars of the hit show Sons of Anarchy, including Scotland’s own Tommy Flanagan, who played the outlaw biker ‘Chibs’ in the series.

The cosplay championship, synonymous with the event boasts a prize worth $2000, including a meet and greet with every guest at the event, and the chance for a photo with The Undertaker to appear in the national papers.

Diana Ross set to play legends slot at Glastonbury 2020

Fans will have the chance to quiz their favourite stars in Q&A sessions throughout the weekend, with the likes of Van Damme, Lloyd and Rocky star Burt Young.

“Our first Comic-Con in Scotland was a huge success last year. Bringing big 80’s stars like Knight Rider David Hasselhoff, The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno etc…” says Comic Con Scotland in a press release.

“This year on Saturday 12th and 13th October at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, we have gone even BIGGER! Bringing international movie and martial arts star Jean Claude Van Damme and international Wrestling Star The Undertaker, we are giving fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet them both.”

For more details on the proceedings check out the Comic Con Scotland website.

Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital has ‘thousands’ of issues: Local News Roundup

The building of a new Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh has been halted after it was revealed there are still thousands of issues.

The facility was meant to open in July, but last-minute safety concerns resulted in it being delayed until next autumn. Notes taken at an NHS Lothian board revealed that there were as many as 2,000 problems within the building.

Members of the project board voiced concerns over issues such as the inability to fit adequate fire detectors in the building and a poor standard of work throughout the project.

The documents also showed that £2million was diverted from the equipment budget for the hospital and given to help the cost of construction.

The hospital cost around £150million to build, but its full price tag over the next 25 years is expected to rise to a staggering £432 million. In addition to this, £81 million was spent by NHS Lothian on enabling and equipment works at the site.

Lothian MSP Miles Briggs commented on the delay, saying: “Parents and staff will be completely dismayed at this further evidence of the poor management and woeful state of the Sick Kids hospital development in Edinburgh.”

“For there to be thousands of faults at the hospital three months after it was due to open is utterly shocking. The SNP has totally failed to get on top of this plagued building project, and, at this rate, it doesn’t look like it will anytime soon.”

The City of Edinburgh council will meet tomorrow (October 11) to discuss proposals to tackle city emissions.

A report published by the council’s Transport and Environment Committee revealed the findings of an online consultation survey for a low emission zone (LEZ) online consultation survey.

Edinburgh Council said that the survey received more than ‘2,700 responses’ and that ‘views were also shared by stakeholder groups.’

The consultation found that for the two boundaries proposed, 62% supported a ‘city centre zone boundary applying to all vehicle types.’

The initiative would see a move to build more electric vehicle charging infrastructures and ‘the phasing out of older taxi and private hire vehicles.’

There were also proposals for an inner-city LEZ which gained a 54% backing from the consultation.

However, the proposals are still in the early stages and the council has said that ‘further refinement of the two boundaries’ were to be considered more.

Transport and Environment Convener Lesley Macinnes said that the proposals were ‘bold’ and that the public feedback the council received was ‘vital to continuing to shape plans.’

She added: ‘The changes we will see from LEZs are about continuing to capitalise on our beautiful and dynamic city and making sure it has all people at its heart.’

– Edinburgh criticised for inaccessible buildings

– Loose masonry in Edinburgh is home owners’ responsibility, says local stonemason

The brewer of Scotland’s best-selling beer has invested £14million in improving its environmental impact.

As of next Spring, cans of Tenants Lager – made in Glasgow – will be packaged in cardboard, in a bid to make the production process more sustainable.

The firm is also launching a digital advertising campaign encouraging drinkers to think about the initiative to reduce climate change emissions.

The company’s pledge to improve its green credentials include a commitment to eradicate single-use plastics by 2021 and drop all plastics by 2025, installation of a new anaerobic digestion plant and carbon capture at their Glasgow brewery, and also to use energy from renewables to become carbon neutral by 2025.

The company plan to spend ‘millions’ on achieving these goals in the hope that others will follow suit.

Tenants renting in Scotland could be due hundreds of pounds in unclaimed deposits.

Safe Deposits, Scotland’s largest deposit scheme, have revealed that nearly 2,000 renters have not claimed deposits worth over half a million pounds – averaging out at £260 per tenant.

Edinburgh has topped the table with the highest number of unclaimed deposits (592), worth around £150,000.

At the other end of the M8, tenants living in Glasgow left a higher average deposit value than those in Edinburgh, £284 and £253 respectively.

It is up to the occupants moving out of a property to contact companies such as Safe Deposits to retrieve their money, but as the figures show, people are not getting money that is rightfully theirs.

A decision has been made by the parent council at St David RC Primary School to not allow kids to dress up for Halloween.

The decision has sparked controversy amongst parents who have had to let their kids down because of a decision made by two people.

St David’s is a catholic school which shares a campus, including a dining hall, with the non-denominational Pirniehall Primary School, who have allowed their pupils to dress up.

It appears that this is the only school in Edinburgh not allowing its pupils to dress up this Halloween and parents are not happy.

The response from the Chair of the Parent Council said: “It was felt that any event organised for Halloween would not be inclusive of all children at the school.”

A council spokesperson has defended the position and said: “Parent councils take account of different views when making decisions about after school activities in order to meet the needs of as many families as possible.”

A vote on whether to pass the new transport bill will be put to MSP’s this evening.

A bid to ditch the heavily debated Workplace Parking Levy was rejected by Parliament yesterday.

Transport Secretary Michael Matheson says the low emission zones provisions in the bill will see improvements to pollution in Edinburgh and that the bill will also help bus services by improving information available and push forward with smart ticketing.

MSP Jamie Greene says that there is a lot to be positive about included in the proposed bill, such as the fore-mentioned low emission zones, the addressing of pavement parking issues and bus franchising.


‘The Big Yin’ – 250,000 marchers estimated to storm Edinburgh for last independence march of 2019, organisers claim

By James Hart and Lewis Robertson

From a crowd of 300 people in 2015 to an estimated 250,000 people due to march in Edinburgh this Saturday it is evident that the case for Scottish independence is not ready to go away.

Final preparations for the latest pro-independence rally set to hit the streets of Edinburgh, this Saturday, are underway, with event organizers ‘All Under One Banner’ (AUOB) estimating 250,000 to attend the march – doubling last year’s numbers.

AUOB was founded on the 12 October 2014 and have organized many events across the country to show solidarity and campaign for a second referendum.

Police Scotland and Edinburgh City Council claimed that there were only around 20,000 supporters at last year’s rally. However, event organizers stated that the real estimate was far higher, at over 100,000.

SNP councilor group leader for Inverclyde Christopher McEleny, West has been invited to speak at the event. McEleny has spoken at various pro-independence events and says that he is really looking forward to “standing shoulder to shoulder with people across Scotland” and hopes that the demonstration will ensure Scotland’s voice is heard.

Speaking to EN4 news McEleny said: “The Scottish Government has a mandate for an independence referendum, everyone marching supports our right to be given a choice on the future we want, whereas we have a feckless Franco in number 10 Downing Street who doesn’t want to give the people of Scotland a choice.”

Marchers from the last year’s event in Edinburgh

AUOB founder and Saturdays march organizer Neil Mackay said in an interview with EN4 News this was the 21st march that the group had coordinated and spoke highly of bringing the event back to Edinburgh, saying that Edinburgh would be a ‘beautiful’ place to conduct the latest march.

The march comes at a time when the independence movement has suffered a major blow after an Independence poll found that the majority of Scots will vote to remain part of the United Kingdom. The poll found 59% of Scottish people would vote to remain part of the union and the question posed to voters was ‘Should Scotland remain in the United Kingdom or leave the United Kingdom?’

Speaking on the case of independence Mr. Mackay said: ‘I think it’s becoming a lot less subversive an idea Scotland getting independence, a lot less contentious’. He later added that he believes that an independence referendum ‘is a referendum that will bring Scotland together’.

When asked if he believed that another referendum would further fragment Scotland’s political climate, Mr. Mackay said that ‘everyone is divided anyway on well, you name it!’ and dismissed the notion that a referendum would add to more division.

When questioned on what this march meant, Mr. Mackay said: ‘ It’s a clear sign to Westminster Parliment  that Scottish people want independence’.

Various public figures will be speaking at the event on Saturday such as comedian Jane Godley, controversial political figure Tommy Sheridan, and Charlotte Ahmed the founding member of stand up to racism and unite against fascism in Scotland.

The response on social media to the March has been mainly positive with one Twitter user saying: ‘ On Saturday I will be so proud to marc. I will be marching for a fairer more equal future for my children and grandchildren. Join us and share the love.’

A Twitter user reacts to the news of the Independence march this Saturday

One Facebook user added ‘I wish I could join you all but I’ll not be in Scotland until the 26th. I’ll be watching though. So will the rest of the world. The message will be very clear. It’s time!’


More social media reaction, this time from FacebookThe march will mean yet more road closures for the Edinburgh’s busy streets. The city has been affected by recent closures and diversions with filming of ‘Fast and the Furious 9’ taking place as well as ‘Eurovision’, starring Will Ferrell.

Closures will take place between 12.30 and 6.30. Roads affected include Queen’s drive, George IV Bridge and the High Street with traffic on North and South Bridge held by Police.

A City of Edinburgh Council spokesperson said “The safety of the public is of utmost importance to the Council and we have worked closely with organizers, Police Scotland and other partners to agree a route and conditions for this march which aim to ensure its smooth passage through the city.”

Too Good To Go hits Milestone with over 1 million meals saved across the UK

By Beth Murray

Launched in the UK in 2016, the app Too Good To Go has a focus to combat global warming by reducing food waste. Globally, the organisation has saved 21,440,629 meals from being wasted since its launch.

Hayley Conick, UK Managing Director said: ‘While we are thrilled to have hit this milestone, the 1 million meals saved so far is just the tip of the iceberg. Seven million tonnes of edible food is wasted in the UK every year and we are on a mission to change this.’

The concept is simple – cafés, restaurants, hotels and bakeries sign up to the service in a bid to reduce their food waste. Members order a Magic Bag from the café they fancy and pay a significantly reduced price, usually between £2.30 and £4. The bag is made up of a selection of surplus food which would otherwise be thrown away at the end of the day.

Image by Beth Murray

Pirlous café, on the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, is one of the dozens of establishments in the city that use the service. They provide a magic bag costing £3.39. One specific bag contained two full baguettes, each valued at £4.50.

While picking it up, the manager, Jackie, gave some thoughts on the service: ‘In terms of food waste, it does save us from throwing away a lot. However, occasionally we find ourselves losing money as we have sold out of food during opening hours, which means we are making up fresh food for the bags.’

She went on to explain that while she agrees with the goal of the company, it has flaws which are often overlooked: ‘When the rep first came in, we were told they would provide us with all of the packaging we would need, that hasn’t happened so now we have to consider how much money is being spent on packaging the food.’

Jackie also expressed worries that expectations of consumers can often be too high: ‘People need to remember that while they may have expected more food, they are still getting a significant reduction and food which is still fresh.’

Food waste in Britain is a growing problem with over 10 million tonnes of food being thrown away every year. Last month alone, Too Good To Go saved 116,619 meals in the UK.

To put it into perspective, when one baguette is thrown away it is the equivalent of wasting a bath full of water. Saving one meal saves the planet from 2.5kg of CO2 – CO2 being one of the leading causes of global warming.

beth too good to go - Subbed

In a survey conducted by To Good To Go in March this year, it was discovered that almost 69% of UK adults do not know the extent to which food waste contributes to global warming.

Too Go To Go have set a Global Movement with a series of aims to meet by 2020. These include increasing the number of app users, encouraging more businesses to get on board, educating young people on the importance of valuing resources and fighting labelling policies across supermarkets and business as expiry dates are the cause of 10% of all food waste across Europe.

They are currently working on a food waste movement specifically aimed towards the UK. This will include new figures, content and tips to help more people across the UK understand the importance of reducing food waste in the fight against climate change.

Edinburgh in Autumn

By Laura McCulloch

Nobody will argue with the beautiful Autumn foliage that Edinburgh has to offer, and as the new season descends on the city, here are our favourite events on the calendar. We have got you covered with everything from fire to farming festivals.

Edinburgh Cocktail Week

Image by Erin Kirsop

Scotland’s largest Cocktail Week pours back into the capital in just under two weeks time, from Monday the 14th to Sunday the 20th of October.

Offering a more unique experience this year, ‘Camping with Cocktails’ will transform the festival square into an enchanted forest fit for cocktail enthusiasts. The new extension includes wigwams, fire pits, giant toadstools, pop-up bars and a starlit canopy.

The rooftop cocktail domes at the Glasshouse Hotel are another addition to the festival this year, providing Instagram-worthy views across the city’s skyline.

Edinburgh Sausage and Cider Festival

Back on the menu this October is Edinburgh’s Sausage and Cider festival on Saturday the 19th. The event at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange boasts live music, a selection of craft beers and ciders, eating competitions and of course a selection of sausage meats from around the world.

Scottish International Storytelling Festival

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival returns on the 18th to 31st of October across various locations in Edinburgh, including the Scottish Storytelling Centre and the Royal Botanic Gardens. The annual celebration of live storytelling has described itself as ‘a warm,
friendly, invigorating experience, perfect for Autumn evenings’. This year’s theme ‘Beyond Worlds’ will showcase new and traditional stories, communications, music, dance and Canadian headlining acts.


Image by Sheila McColm

As part of an unsteady industry, Agriscot 2019 offers a chance for the country’s agricultural community to seek answers to the countless questions that farmers may share.

Now recognised as one of the premium events in UK agriculture, the Highland Hall in Edinburgh,
overflows every year with farming enthusiasts, as well as people curious to learn more about the industry.

A parade of Britain’s finest livestock, talks from industry professionals and trade stands from across the country will take centre stage on Wednesday 20th of November.


West Princes Street Gardens will be transformed into a traditional Oktoberfest venue from 30th of October to 3rd of November. Aside from the beer, this event invites friends to celebrate food and drink and enjoy traditional live music inside a marquee fit for 1,200 people. Annually known to be extremely popular, this authentic experience offers student deals as well as Bavarian and VIP packages, ensuring there is something for everybody.

Festival of Politics

The Scottish Parliament is welcoming a variety of leading public figures including Andrew Marr and Baroness Helena Kennedy to the 2019 Festival of Politics. Taking place from Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th of October at the Scottish Parliament, the event will focus on
future debates about important political and cultural issues. From Brexit talks, to the 2020 US presidential election, this is an opportunity for the Scottish public to contribute alongside MSP’s, journalists and commentators on some of the country’s largest issues.

Samhuinn Fire Festival

Image by Erin Kirsop

This fiery extravaganza perched on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill is a perfect way to get into the Halloween Spirit. The thrilling display is a modern replication of the Celtic New Year celebration, which presents a mythical story about the changes of Summer and Winter. Get
ready to wrap up this October 31st to watch dancing, drumming and acrobatics among other performances at the Samhuinn Fire Festival.


What to expect at National Poetry Day in Edinburgh

National Poetry Day returns once again to Edinburgh , commemorating its 25th Anniversary today.

Each year of this celebration focuses on a specific theme of poetry and this year is no different, tackling the concepts of truth in the medium.

At the Scottish Poetry Library, Projects co-ordinator Samuel Tongue talked about the meaning of truths in poetry:

“In terms of poetic truths they are often quite intimate quite personal truths and the language can speak personally to peoples experiences. In an era of fake news and constant BS from various world leaders it feels like its up to the poets and artists to reclaim the language a little bit and revalue it as well as journalists when its cheapened so much.”

As part of the day’s celebrations NPD Ambassador Sally Crabtree will create a ‘Sweetshop of Words’ within the halls of the Scottish Poetry Library, creating edible poetry that reminds us of our childhood truths.


Photo credits to Sally Crabtree


Later in the evening, fellow ambassador Dean Atta will perform alongside Sally in “Gobstoppers”, a spoken word show featuring a hybrid of poetry bingo, music sweetshop memories and the smashing of a PinARTA revealing the confectionary truths that have been collected throughout the day.

“For me I’ve come to the conclusion that we are here to achieve happiness” says Sally Crabtree in regards to the idea of truth.”That sounds a bit namby pamby but actually the one thing we all have in common is happiness, we all ought to be happy. For me its about finding a life that allows me to follow those dreams.”

“The aim of the game is to really inspire people of all ages and backgrounds that poetry is delicious”


For a brief look on what’s on throughout the UK click here!

For an audio version of each of this year’s poems, click here!



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