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Kelsy Karter’s fake Harry Styles tattoo caused quite a stir. (Photo credit: Instagram/kelsykarter)



Earlier this week, singer Kelsy Karter released a photo of her new tattoo of Harry Styles on her cheek. She then revealed that it was simply a publicity stunt to promote her single ‘Harry’. What do we think about face tattoos? Listen to Luka Kenyon, Olivia Hill and Linnea Lind as they discuss all things tattoos.





My (Not So) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella – Book Review

Many of us use Instagram. Posting pictures of our lives, selfies, our pets and holiday snaps. We add filters to make these picture look better, but in doing this, are we filtering our lives to appear better as well?

Lighthearted, clever and humorous, ‘My (Not So) Perfect Life’ tells the story of Cat (Katie), who has the perfect life, including a flat in London with friends, works a high-profile advertising job and shares everything she does on Instagram. However, all is not what it seems. In reality, Katie rents a tiny room in a flat with people she is not friends with, hates her boss and uses Instagram to cover it all up.

When her not-so-perfect world comes crashing down, and she is fired from her job, she is forced to move back home to the countryside. In time, she gets the chance to get sweet revenge on the woman who ruined her life, but will she do it? And does her ex-boss really have the perfect life herself?

Coming from someone who is overly active on Instagram, Katie is easy to relate to. In this novel, author Sophie Kinsella explores the judgements that we all make between online perception and reality. What I loved about this book was that it is so relatable. Protagonist Katie learns life lessons that most readers can compare with, This book is relatable to anyone who uses Instagram, and doesn’t just add filters to their pictures but also to their life. We are all Katie, but pretend to be Cat, online.

Credit: Leila Wallace

Exploring themes of living life to the fullest, romance, friendship and family, this novel is a refreshing read for everyone. The tale is captivating and thought-provoking – Kinsella knows what the reader wants and delivers it while still holding on to the perfect balance of humour and wit, as she delves into what really happens behind our social media feeds.

Themes of ‘Bridget Jones’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ spring to mind when reading this novel, with characters and situations that we can all relate to. The book is made for those who are perhaps not looking for a serious, tragic read, but a fun, lighthearted story to lift their spirits and make them laugh.

Kinsella is known for her spirited characters, having written the best-selling ‘Shopaholic’ series. She has a variety of books which all explore different paths of life, and ‘My (Not So) Perfect Life’ is no exception, bringing together a modern day story that presents what an ideal life may look like on the outside, but showing that reality is far from it. Reminding us all that, no matter what their Instagram feed implies, nobody’s life is perfect.

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