Germany’s two largest parties begin to form coalition

Four months of stalemate have resulted in a German coalition Government, according to media reports. Germany’s September elections proved inconclusive, as a coalition has not been agreed between the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) and Chancellor … [Read more...]

Trump declares North Korea ‘State Sponsor’ of Terrorism

In a series of measures toughing down on North Korea, US President Donald Trump has put North Korea back on the list of countries that are believed to have continually provided support for acts of international terrorism. Stating his intentions in … [Read more...]

New research shows emotional impact of diabetes

Today marks World Diabetes Day. This was first started in 1991 jointly by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organisation.   Research unveiled today by Diabetes UK has highlighted the emotional and mental issues that … [Read more...]

EN4 News – International belt

Check out our roundup of today's international news: … [Read more...]

Live: American 2016 election aftermath

  Google's breakdown of the election. Donald Trump has been elected as the President of the United States and pledges 'to do a great job' in his new position. Join us live as we report the reactions from around the globe. 10:26 World … [Read more...]

South African Policemen Convicted of Murder

A judge in Pretoria has sentenced eight police officers to 15 years in prison for the murder of taxi driver Mido Macia. The Mozambican taxi driver was killed in February 2013, after being tied to the back of a police van by his arms before being … [Read more...]

Protesters Gather in Kabul Following Hazara Killings

Security forces have fired warning shots on protesters who have marched through the Afghan capital of Kabul, following the murder of seven people from the Hazara ethnic minority. The march was made up of thousands of civilians, and marched through … [Read more...]

British Man Facing Lashes Returns to UK

Karl Andree, the British man who was faced with lashes in Saudi Arabia, has returned to the UK Andree, 74 was sentenced to receive 350 lashes after Saudi police found homemade alcohol in the boot of his car. Alcohol is illegal in the … [Read more...]