Cabinet Reshuffle promotes women and ethnic minorities

Theresa May has created her own generation of Tory ‘rising stars’ as her cabinet shuffle reached its conclusion yesterday. The Prime Minister has brought in fresh talent across her cabinet, including an increase in the number of female and ethnic … [Read more...]

Free Lunch Cancelled for Councillors

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Well, not anymore. Local councillors have been informed that they will no longer be getting free lunch at noon, as they are finishing their work too early. The decision has led to complaints that … [Read more...]

Terms set for Police Scotland undercover review

Conditions have been set for an independent review into undercover police work in Scotland. The inquiry will examine the contribution undercover policing has made to tackling crime, how it was and is supervised and regulated, and its effect on … [Read more...]

Scottish Electoral Board inquiry begins

A Holyrood inquiry has been launched following concerns regarding bonuses for Chief Executives during election periods. For a number of years Election Chiefs have received extra payment for running elections, a task which many believe should be … [Read more...]

MPs argue to postpone Tax Credit Cuts

        MPs have said that George Osbourne should postpone the proposed tax credit cuts for a year to enable a balanced debate over the issue. The planned cuts were rejected by the House of Lords, leading the … [Read more...]