Brexit bill powers curbed by MSPs at Holyrood

In a series of meetings held by the Finance Committee at the Scottish Parliament, MSPs have been debating amendments to the Westminster EU Withdrawal Bill amongst dispute over devolved powers in a post-Brexit political landscape. There is potential … [Read more...]

Leaked Brexit documents could affect UK’s access to single market

A leaked document regarding the UK's exit from the European Union suggests access to the single market may be restricted. The obtained leak - in a draft section of the UK and EU's withdrawal agreement - states that during the post-Brexit phase the … [Read more...]

Germany’s two largest parties begin to form coalition

Four months of stalemate have resulted in a German coalition Government, according to media reports. Germany’s September elections proved inconclusive, as a coalition has not been agreed between the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) and Chancellor … [Read more...]

State of the Union 2018

US President Donald Trump has declared a, “new American moment” as he delivered his State of the Union speech to congress. In his maiden address, the republican leader said he was,” extending an open hand” to democrats in order to move forward. … [Read more...]

UPDATE – Last Minute Talks At Holyrood As SNP Seal Budget Deal With Greens

Just hours before MSPs vote on the SNP budget, a deal has been struck with the Green Party for support of the government's budget. Finance Secretary Derek Mackay spent earlier today negotiating with opposition parties in a bid to find much … [Read more...]

Labour call for vote of no confidence in SNP Draft Budget

The Scottish Government's Draft Budget Bill faces a potential setback in the form of a vote of no confidence by Scottish Labour today. The party has tabled a motion asking MSPs to agree that “the Parliament believes that the Draft Budget does not … [Read more...]

UK factories enjoy best week for new orders since 1988

British factories received more orders this month than any other in the last three decades, according to an industry survey. The report from the Confederation of British industry adds to growing evidence that the fall in the value of the pound since … [Read more...]

Britain to offer more money in bid to further Brexit talks

In an effort to accelerate talks over a new trade deal with the EU, the UK cabinet has agreed that Britain will offer more money to the EU as Brexit talks continue. It is believed that such an offer could be as high as £40 billion pounds - double … [Read more...]

Trump is ready to destroy North Korea

In his debut speech to the UN General Assembly, Donald Trump warned of the threats from ‘rogue nations’. The US President singled out Iran and North Korea in his New York speech. On North Korea, he mockingly said its leader, Kim Jong-un, “rocket man … [Read more...]

Scottish school attainment funds announced by government

Scottish Ministers have announced funding plans for a governmental scheme in a proposal to raise attainment. The Scottish government is set to launch additional funding to schools across the country in 2018. Ministers are planning to divide £120m … [Read more...]