Principia Mission exhibit sends National Museum of Scotland to its Peake

In 2015, European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake entered the International Space Station as the first Brit, in more than 20 years.

The National Museum of Scotland have announced that the Soyuz Spacecraft, used Tim Peakes’ Principia Mission, will be displayed as part of a series of 10 brand new galleries, shown from May to August in 2018.


Brand new virtual experience of Tim Peake’s Principia landing


Following a successful exhibition at London Science centre – and after a year orbiting planet earth – the 1.5 tonne spacecraft will land in Edinburgh where it will settle for the summer. The new exhibition will include a virtual reality experience, ‘Space Decent with Tim Peake’ which is sponsored by Samsung and allows visitors to visually experience Tim Peake’s real journey returning to earth.

National Museum of Scotland Communication Officer, Alice Wyllie shows her excitement, “We certainly anticipate the Tim Peake’s spacecraft will be hugely popular with our visitors!”

The National Museum of Scotland have also announced their plan to display two additional exhibitions as the final phase of their £80 million masterplan. These will be dedicated to East Asia and ancient Egypt; set up with the intention of modernising the museum to form a more appealing image and improve its outreach.

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