Serial killer Stephen Port found guilty of date rape murders of three men


Stephen Port contacted young men on dating websites

Serial killer Stephen Port has been found guilty of the murders of three young gay men.

The 41 year old chef gave his victims lethal doses of date rape drug GHB and raped them while they were unconscious before leaving their bodies near a graveyard 500 metres from his flat in east London.

Port disposed of his victims’ mobile phones, lied to police and staged a fake suicide.

Jurors heard how Port used gay dating websites such as popular app, Grindr to contact victims Gabriel Kovari, 22, Daniel Whitworth, 21 and Jack Taylor, 25.

The jury are still to reach a verdict on the charge of alleged victim Anthony Walgate, 23.

Port is said to have had sexual fantasies involving the rape of unconscious younger men.

He was also found guilty of the rape of three other men as well as a range of other sexual offenses. He denied all charges against him including 4 counts of murder, manslaughter, rape and assault by penetration.


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