Edinburgh Airport announce a new app for disabled passengers

The welcome app, created by Neatebox, is designed to allow passengers to personalise the assistance they require and request assistance from the airport in advance. The Edinburgh Airport passengers with Reduced Mobility team will then receive a … [Read more...]

Humans & Robophobia

In the news recently, there has been a lot of coverage towards more 'human' looking robots that are becoming ever more advanced and capable. What this brings is a hope amongst the scientific community that we draw closer to a positive coexistence, … [Read more...]

Bill Gates’ firm to invest $80m towards new Smart City

  Bill Gates' investment company, Cascade Investment, is to put $80 million behind a new ‘Smart City’, within Arizona, USA.   The city, named Belmont, will be located just west of the capital, Phoenix, and will be made up of 25,000 … [Read more...]

Sheffield Hallam University develop intelligent fingerprint system like no other

New fingerprint technology has been developed by scientists at Sheffield Hallam University which can, not only detect blood and various cosmetics, but also remind you exactly what you had for your lunch.   Fingerprint technology has … [Read more...]