Top five Christmas cocktails

With the arrival of Edinburgh’s annual Christmas market, and the magical lights that shine through the city centre, there is no denying that the capital is feeling very festive this winter season. Christmas food and cocktail menus are now on the tables of Edinburgh’s finest eateries and cocktail bars and if you fancy getting wined and dined in Christmas delights, you are not short of a option.

Here is EN4 News’s exclusive top five Christmas cocktails that will get you in the spirit for the festive season.

Apple Crumble Martini, The Dome

One of the cities iconic Christmas sites where golden lights run down its Corinthian pillars and its marble bar surrounds a beautifully decorated ten-foot Christmas tree. The bar is situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town on George Street; its lights make it hard to miss. The apple crumble martini is our Christmas favourite; Dewars Scotch whiskey, sugar syrup and butterscotch liquor, served in a quaint coup glass. Check out their official website.

Sage Against the Machine, The Blackbird

Located on Leven Street near the Edinburgh Links, this funky cocktail bar has just released its Christmas cocktail list. Including all things nice; cinnamon, nutmeg, root ginger and cold brew mulled wine; this is Edinburgh’s ultimate Christmas cocktail menu. From Chai Milk Punch to the Blackbird’s very own Christmas Old Fashion, the list shows imagination and taste. Our favorite is the Sage Against the Machine which pervades sage, roast chestnut, sugar and egg white. Check out their official website.

Chocolate Treacle, Sgyn Bar

For all you chocolate lovers, who could say no to this divine cocktail on Sgyn bars five-pound Christmas drinks menu. Brugal Anejo rum, chocolate bitters & apple stirred down with maple syrup; the cocktail will leave you in a heavenly state of bliss. Charlotte Lane in the West End is home to this hip bar, which hosts a resident DJ on Friday and Saturday nights. Check out their official website.

Taihoko Cocktail, The Voyage of Buck

This newly established bar is located on Williams’s Street in the West End. The quirky drinks menu tells the tail of a man named Buck and his adventures around the world. It incorporates the inspiring flavours he has tasted in Paris and Asia, to create an innovative cocktail menu. Our favourite was the unique Taihoko Cocktail which combines the festive flavours of roast cashew, orange bitters and cherry vermouth. Check out their official website.

Trambell Sour, Juniper

Situated on Princes Street with stunning panoramic vistas across the city skyline, Juniper is definitely worth a visit for a Christmas beverage. The cocktail will be made on it’s striking copper bar and can be enjoyed in the warmth of a armchair. Our Christmas favourite was the Trambell Sour infusing the sugar sweet flavour of agave with vanilla and maple smoke. Check out their official website.

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Header photo courtesy of The Blackbird

Top 5 Scottish foods for the coming winter

1. Haggis
Possibly the most renowned Scottish food, Haggis is a savoury pudding, a love or hate food that is best made in the heart of Scotland and will leave you satisfied.

2. Scottish tablet
This delicious sweet treat melts in the mouth and is the perfect end to any evening.

3. Scottish shortbread
While shortbread can be bought anywhere, Scottish shortbread has a buttery texture, a light and sweat taste and is perfect next to a warm drink on these peaceful September evenings.

4. Single Malt Scotch Whisky
The perfect drink to stock your cupboards with before Christmas, Single Malt Scotch Whisky will warm you down to the toes.

5. Walker Black label, blended Scotch Whisky
This whisky is a favorite around the world, and is best enjoyed in it’s Scottish home looking out across the rolling  hillside as the trees turn to a burning orange.

Top five spots to try at the Edinburgh Restaurant Fest

Over the past decade or so, restaurants have been popping up all over Edinburgh and the city is becoming increasingly popular for fine cuisine. So it’s no wonder that it now has its own festival to celebrate that – the Edinburgh Restaurant Festival is running throughout October and celebrating the vast array of eateries the city has to offer. But with so much choice, how does one select somewhere to sample the best of Auld Reekie? Good thing we’ve written this Top 5 for you and whatever you might be in the mood for.

  1. The Outsider


Photo credit:

Sat along the George IV Bridge, this restaurant attracts the sort of crowd who might be discussing Joyce or Camus over sea bream and a glass of woody Merlot. Quiet, classy and candlelit, it has been a popular place for citizens looking for somewhere away from the crowds and is spacious enough that it feels cosy rather than crowded. You’re best booking a table in advance, though, because this restaurant’s excellent food and service are no little secret.

   2. Bread Meats Bread


Photo Credit: lunch

A Top 5 wouldn’t be complete without a burger, so here’s our pick of Edinburgh’s vast selection. It opened its first branch in Glasgow and opened one is Edinburgh last year. Since then it has become massively popular, particularly for students looking to crack open a couple of beers and relax after class. Get ready to wait though, this place is really too small for its popularity so there’s usually a queue. However, once you get sitting down the great service and food is most definitely worth it.

   3. Vittoria


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If you’re looking for the best Italian food in Edinburgh, look no further than Vittoria on Leith Walk. With neon light fixtures and mirrored walls, it can feel more like an ’80s disco than somewhere to eat tagliatelle, but make no mistake: this is authentic Italian dining at its finest. Partner up with a friend and get the “Meta Meta”, where you can order to dishes between you to try out. But if you’re a veteran of Italian food, you can’t really go wrong.

4. Salt Cafe


Photo credit: lunch

Currently serving the Morningside crowd its daily bread, Salt Cafe is a relatively new addition to the long list of brunch places popping up around the area. You can order eggs done any way you like, on bacon, smoked salmon or avocado. If you’re looking to dine for Sunday brunch, get there a bit early, as this place is usually full to the brim.

   5. The Kitchin


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Of course, it would be remiss not to mention this famed Michelin-starred restaurant situated on Commercial Street. Opened in 2006 by Tom and Michaela Kitchen, the decor itself is a sight to behold. Leith might not be where you expect one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city to be, but the area has, in recent years, become a hive for fine Scottish cuisine.

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