How to travel Thailand in two weeks

South-East Asia is quickly becoming one of the most renowned places in the world for people to escape to. Thailand’s popularity within this travel sphere is somewhat soaring and rightly so.

If you are a holiday-maker and only have two weeks leave from work, or if you are a backpacker with a fast-paced plan of action; take this advice when you get round to planning your Thailand get-away.



1. Arrive in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of South-East Asia’s largest hubs and you will grasp a real feel of this when you arrive. The relentlessness within tuk-tuks, people, heat and different smells will first astound you but you do get used to it. Allow yourself to spend at least a full day here to experience the surreal skylines, street food, temples and party scene then allow yourself to move onto places more authentically Thai.

2. Visit the East Islands

Take an overnight train from Bangkok to Chumpon then catch a boat to Ko Pha-Ngan- an island East of Thailand. Here, you can indulge in the first of your many Thai beaches and shake the business of Bangkok away. Climb to breath-taking viewpoints located all around the island and attend one of the worldly-famous full moon parties

3. Travel to Krabi

From Ko Pha-Ngan there is daily boats and connecting busses to take you to Krabi, a region to the west of Thailand. Krabi

is the gateway to a majority of the west-coast islands. However it also offers day trips to some of the most beautiful locations within the west-coast of the country. Spend no more than one night here, within this time make sure that you take one of the long-boat taxis to Railey Beach, a beach coated in golden sands surrounded by limestone cliffs this is one of Thailand’s treasures.

4. Island Hop

Travel to the island of Ko Phi-Phi, unmistakably one of the most popular and appealing islands of Thailand. Surrounded by crystal-clear seas and beautiful beaches, Phi-Phi is a favourite for everyone. Here you can take day trips hopping around some of the most iconic landmarks of Thailand, including Maya Bay and DiCaprio’s ‘The Island’. Or swim with clown fish in coral reefs within the depths of the Andaman Sea. There is something to offer for everyone in Phi-Phi which will make you want to stay for weeks, but just three days should suffice.

5. Head North

Travelling to Chiang Mai will be the longest haul of your journey in Thailand but every mile is worth it. Chiang Mai is a vibrant,

small city and a hub for entertainment and things to do. Day trips include visiting Buddhist temples, elephant sanctuaries and jungle trekking. From Chiang Mai you can also visit the small town of Pai and soak up in the beautiful scenery that Thai mountains offer. Spend a recommended two days in Chiang Mai and a further two days in Pai to grasp a feel of the Thai north.

6. Travel Back to Bangkok

Unfortunately, it will now be time to head back to Bangkok to catch any returning, international flights. If by chance you want to stay a few days longer in one place, it is easy to do so – catch a cheap domestic flight within Thailand from Krabi, Phuket or Chiang Mai to save yourself some time travelling via bus or train.

Throughout your two weeks in Thailand, travel safely and bring common sense but most importantly, enjoy yourself.


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