Two cases of coronavirus confirmed in the UK


Two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the UK, Public Health England have said.

The patients are members of the same family and are receiving medical care in England, the organisation added.

“We can confirm that two patients in England, who are members of the same family, have tested positive for coronavirus,” said Professor Chris Whitty, chief medical officer for England.

“The patients are receiving specialist NHS care, and we are using tried and tested infection control procedures to prevent further spread of the virus.

“We have been preparing for UK cases of novel coronavirus and we have robust infection control measures in place to respond immediately.”

The coronavirus is reported to have infected nearly 9,700 people in China and killed 213.

Although there is yet to be any reported deaths outside of China itself, an estimate of 100 more infections have been reported in 18 other countries, including Vietnam, Germany, Japan and the United States, as well as now the United Kingdom.

On Thursday the World Health Organisation declared that it was treating the coronavirus as a global health emergency.


Coronavirus timeline


(Credit: EN4 News)

(Credit: EN4 News)

(Credit: EN4 News)

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